1. Zangetsu

    ZTE Axon Launched

    ZTE Axon With 4GB RAM, Dual-Lens Camera, Snapdragon 810 SoC Launched ZTE on Tuesday launched its first smartphone under the new brand in the US, called the ZTE Axon. The handset is priced at $449.98 unlocked (roughly Rs. 28,500) and can be pre-ordered from the company website...
  2. shreymittal

    SoundMagic gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O

    SoundMagic E10 gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O Guys..this happened again my SoundMagic E10 right side ones volume is low as compared to left one.I haven't use them roughly. Going to RMA them again. Can anyone here tell me hows the build quality of SoundMagic MP21 or E30..Help me
  3. ico

    AMD Llano (desktop) discussion

    AMD A8-3850 Review: Llano Rocks Entry-Level Desktops : Meet AMD’s Desktop Llano-Based Lineup So, basically you get an Athlon II X4 640 + a very good IGP in one package. Fair deal. Core i3-2105 might be 10% faster CPU, but Intel HD 3000 is roughly 50% of AMD HD 6550D. i3-2100 has HD 2000...
  4. T

    Buying a used pc but is it vfm?

    Hello friends... I am getting a pc with cabinet, smps, p4 3ghz, 512mb ddr ram, intel 915 motherboard, combo drive for rs. 4k. he says he has used it for roughly 2-2.5 yrs. Now i would like to know whether the price is right or not. Plz suggest me. Thank u..
  5. codename_romeo

    WD or Seagate ?????

    Going in for a new 500GB hdd. After lots of browsing through the forum i saw that there are people who would say that seagate has a higher failure rate than WD and some say otherwise. I am getting WD and seagate for roughly 3k in my city. But the question is that i wantu know which is better in...
  6. W

    China--paying the price for fast development

    TArticle from the Science Magazine Tiny particles resulting from fuel burning appear to be interfering with the formation of rain, snow and ice on one of China’s mountains. As aerosols increase in the atmosphere, fewer droplets collide with one another to form raindrops. Atmospheric...
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