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want to fight spyware...wear a condom...

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want to fight spyware...wear a condom... use ie-spyad !

add prophylactic protection to filter your computer from catching something in the first place. use IE-SpyAd.

what is ie-spyad ?
"ie-apyad is a simple Registry patch that adds a long list of known advertisers, marketers, and spyware pushers to the Restricted Sites zone of Internet Explorer. No matter what security settings you prefer in IE in general, your browser will automatically switch to maximum security
mode when it wanders onto pages that are known to be 'high risk' Web environments. this has enormous advantages over similar fixes which rely on customizing the Windows HOSTS file, because IE-SpyAd doesn’t
really keep you from getting to most pages, it only bars unsafe behavior on those pages, and t leaves the HOSTS file unmolested so that it can be used more effectively for its original uses".

i suggest u create a systemrestore point b4 trying it. :)


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good and nice..... but what kind off a topic name is that...... huh? do u think spywares will try to sexually assault your computer?? besides does this work for firefox?


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expertno.1 said:
wear a condom

please dont post that some youners are also browsing the forum

its looks vulgar

there is nothing vulgur about a condom. its here to protect us. even our efficient govt promotes condoms openly. look at the press, look at the hoardings and the tv ! so dont feel embarassed by it my friend. feel safe...very safe ! :)

and dont worry, it wont corrupt our youngsters. i think around 20% (mebbe worng) of websites are devoted to porn sites. so such guys r anyway going to be going there ! :twisted:

:arrow: the title has been used here EXACLY AS IT IS appears in the 2nd link mentioned above in my post. basically - ie-spyads acts like a condom...when u want to...FIGHT SPYWARE ! its there to protect u in the first place itself !


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Info on such software is always welcome. Another relatively easier way is to use SpyBot S&D 'Immunize' feature, though only for IE.

BTW, what the hell is vulgar with condoms?This mindset lead to only more trouble and nothing else.


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now what is this prophylactic protection? never heard of it before!!

and BTW, the younger ppl should be educated about condoms, it's for their protection.


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Yehi hain sahi. anti spyware hamesha!! :lol:

i dont think there is anything vulgar with the word. its simply suggestive thats it.

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actually the youngers must know the use of condoms ...

well gone are the old days wen it was vulgar
naya jamana hai bhai


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clubpranay : prophylatic action is something is something which is intended to prevent disease.

drgrudge : i clikd on the link, but it need me to login.

biplav : ie=internet explorer. dont tink it works on opera/firefox.

achako : it shud works on maxthon as it is IE based.


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are bhai yeh to technology forum hai na ??? discuss more about computer protection rather than human (sheesh...!) :?


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Hmm, good article there iinfi ...
Well, the word condom is not a turnon unless u r different :)wink:)

Well, the software is good enough but y doesnt it have a certification or recommndors ?


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"Need a way to Manage Internet Explorer's Zone's?
If so, then :arrow: ZonedOut is for you. Add, Delete, Import, Export,
Build a WhiteList and More: Now includes Restricted, Trusted and
Intranet Zones". it is an excellent too just 185kb. add delete as u

quite useful, if u r using ie-spyads list.
click here http://www.funkytoad.com/zonedout.htm
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