1. mikael_schiffer

    I thought IE 11 was Good, but it looks like $hit

    Today, by mistake somehow i opened Internet Explorer. I was quiet surprised by how different it looked. Upon closer inspection i found it is Internet Explorer 11. I dont recall downloading it ever.. Anyways.... Once i started opening up pages i was quiet surprised at all the visduals. Something...
  2. K

    fast searching

    Hi Guys, I have Adobe reader9. I usually search a word, through search box in Adobe reader9, one by one by entering. But it takes long time to give the result by searching all the pages since the file contains almost 2000 pages. Are there any ways OR methods for faster results for LENGTHY PDF...
  3. Nanducob

    Share Your Favourite Facebook Pages

    Please share your favourite Facebook pages here,let others see them too:) Posting mine: See More * Has about 2 million likes,formerly nown as 4chan,posts stuff from 4chan,9gag,reddit etc.Even have there own website.My favourite page Welcome to the Internet...
  4. S

    Need a good printer urgent fast

    I need a good printer. I have HP printer but it totally sucks. It used to print pages only when it felt like doing it. Ink catridges always got over too fast without printing. And now paper gets jammed. So i need a new printer. My print work is very less hardly 10 pages per month. I need a...
  5. H

    Firefox 23 blocks non ssl content on SSL web pages by default

  6. I

    Pdf file size

    Some pdf have less pages but huge size. Tell me how to reduce pdf size.
  7. @

    Suggest me a cheap printing solution

    I don't like reading from ebooks at all and usually get hard copies. But there are few books which are not available for Indians (only sold in US market) so I have decided to take print out of these. Total I have around 2000 pages need to be printed. All are black & white pages. I asked a...
  8. theserpent

    Wordpress help

    I need some help for my wordpress a2graph | Photoshop,Photography,News,Tech. Well the help that i need is you see i have sub-pages=mobiles,reviews but how do i post into those pages? it's not possible at all :/
  9. L

    Funny Facebook pages......

    Which is the most funniest page on facebook. I mean it must be posting jokes funny pictures and all. My facebook wall is really boring and I need to add some funny pages to it. I found one by name 'We are Insane', I think you all should try it too. Can sonmeone...
  10. S

    How to save/copy/download swf pages of e-book

  11. 6Diablo9

    Copy/pasting in software that does not support copy/paste.

    I was given a small data entry job in which I had to type 134 pages and I had to do this in a specific software. Problem is that I typed almost 79 pages in MS-Word and I came to know that the software which that guy gave me does not support Copy/Paste. Is there any way I can copy the text from...
  12. Desmond

    A look at what report Facebook sends cops when account info is requested.

    Here is what information Facebook sends cops when a subpoena is requested by cops for investigation. I suspect what they sell to those who seek information of account holders? Source (The document attached)
  13. doomgiver

    program for moving through numbered html pages

    i want to browse through a site which contains pages ordered in ascending secquence. like : / / / ... so on automatically, with a short, changable delay. i think this can be done somehow in javascript/python, but i dont know...
  14. C

    Urgent: Laser Printer For 5-6K

    Hello Guys, I am plannig to buy 1 laser printer within range of 4-6K. as an old one has given output of almost 12K pages now, and on its deathbed. Please suggest some models.
  15. jkultimate

    Hellow there.... help needed in MS Word 2007

    Okay, My friend and me are doing a project work. It is 90 pages total. So am doing 30 pages in my pc, and friend is doing 30 pages and another friend is doing remaining 30 pages. Now almost all pages are done. My query is on page numbering. I've numbered 1 to 30 in my project. The...
  16. R

    Hosting Servers!!

    Thinkdigit has a lot of members online, now and then, the pages load fast, Wonder where thinkdigit is hosted? Anyone can tell? :wink:
  17. Nipun

    Joomla Sidebar help

    Hello people! I am trying to learn Joomla, the content management software but I am unable to understand how to make sidebars. Basically I want a sidebar with links to other pages on my website(which are not maintained by Joomla) and other websites. Please guide me how can I do this. :)
  18. N

    What CMS should I use for my site?

    Hi, First off, I just want to say that I'll try to explain my question in the easiest terms possible, since it is rather complicated to understand. I am making a fan website about a certain game I like to play. This fan website would be something like a Wiki, but I'll get on to that later...
  19. S

    Nexus S in Bangalore

    Where can I get Nexus S in a store in bangalore? Or even websites (they are all out of stock). I saw some pages, but they won't have warranty, so I'm trying to get it locally.
  20. gdebojyoti

    Create 'download as PDF' option in web pages

    I have often come across web pages which contain 'download-as-PDF' buttons (used to convert and download the data contained in that page in PDF format). How can I implement the same for my personal site? P.S.: I don't want to use any web service for this. I prefer to do it from scratch.
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