want to buy a new pc for animation and vfx

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I am new to this fourm :D. i want advice from u guys i want to buy a new pc for 3D animation .i am also intrested in vfx .i am confused about pc config.

If i go with intel Q6600 based processor can i able to do vfx stuff ( i will be learing this myself in home.).will i able do learn vfx stuff based on q6600 pc. OR should i go for intel Q9450 with 16 mb ram. :p

motherboard :- MSI P35 PLATINUM COM Intel® P35 chipset 1333 FSB (Q9450)
intel DX38BT Intel® X38 Express Chip 1333 FSB (Q9450)

i dont know which one to buy for q6600.:confused:

Harddesk: Western Digital 320 GB (7200.10)

If i buy the above said hdd will it improve my system performance :confused:

Ram: 800Mhz (Q6600) 2gb or 4gb ( brand :confused:).
OCZ-OCZ2N1066SR2GK DDR 2 SLI-Ready Edition - 1066Mhz
(1GB x 2 KIT)

what is SLI-Ready edition :confused:. is this useful for 3d animation and vfx stuff.
DDR 3 OCZ-OCZ3G13332GK Gold Edition - 1333Mhz
(2GB x 2 KIT)

my friend was telling me that we should match cpu speed with motherboard with ram. q9450 1333 Mhz,motherboard 1333 mhz ram 1333mhz.
then what about hdd? wd 320gb 7200.10 will this match :confused:.

Graphics card: dont know which one to buy. i should able to play games but my main purpose is animation and vfx.

keyboard: i already have samsung keyboard.
Mouse: standard Three button Mouse.

Ups: Apc is it ok ?.
what is cooler master is it good ?
i dont know about system cooling.
SMPS : dont know which one is good ?.
i have 16x sony dvd writer with old system. should i purchase a new one or use that money some were else.

one pendrive 4gb, kingston ?

Monitor :- i have old Hp 15inch crt monitor ,should i use it or should i go for a lcd monitor .if i use the old one i can divert that money for q9450.

my budget is between 35000/- to 50000/-

my friends are telling me not go for high configuration pc for now. after u get job u can buy a high cofiguration pc then.

please advice........:smile:


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There was a discussion earlier on q9450 and q6600 and q6600 is preferred due to it's superb overclocking capabilities. Hence, stick to Q6600.

1) Q6600
2) MSI P7N SLI Platinum Motherboard
3) 4x1Gb DDR2 800Mhz ( you need loads and loads of ram for vfx)
4) 2x250Gb Western digital se16 series HDD's (configured in RAID). This kind of setup doubles the performance of HDD's.
5) Dell 198WFP 19" TFT monitor
6) APC 500VA UPS
7) Cooler master cabinet based on your need and budget
8) Cooler master SMPS
9) 20x Sony dvd writer
10) 2 x nvidia 9600GT in SLI mode

SLI edition means you can add two graphics card to increase performance. Go for Nvidia Quadro series graphics if you can get it or else get the 9x series cards from Nvidia.


Right off the assembly line
desiibond...thanks for the post

my main purpose is animation and vfx
can i use intel dg33 motherboard or
ABit IP35 Pro or
MSI P35 Platinum
Intel DQ35MP
Intel DQ35JO

why all other brands are costlier then intel motherboard.

intel dg33 motherboard rs 5200/-

Intel DQ35MP rs 6200/-

Intel DQ35JO rs 6200/-

ABit IP35 Pro rs 9450/-

MSI P35 Platinum rs ?.

P7N SLI Platinum rs 8725/-

what am i paying for......:confused:

Abit ip35 pro and msi p35 platinum...... are they used for gaming.:rolleyes:

i want a system which can update viewport and render fast...........



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calling some boards as god for gaming means they have good oc'ing capability , mainly and MSI P7N SLi is perfect at it.

Config mentioned by Desibond = perfect
also get a good cooler like thermalright 120E or Ultima 90i depending upon the cabinet u buy

and it does not matter at all if FSB and memory are 1:1 (1333 each)


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IMHO, Q9450 beats Q6600 hands down.
First Q6600 has only 1066 MHz FSB while Q9450 has 1333 MHz FSB.
L2 Cache is 16 MB in case of Q9450.

If you have the budget, you can buy Q9450.
I am a proud owner of Q9450
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