1. K

    Q9450 temperature problem

    Hi,my PC config is intel core 2 quad q9450 Intel® Coreâ„¢2 Quad Processor Q9450 (12M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)) PSU ::: 450W cooler master eXtreme Power Plus 460W (120mm fan) - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply Brand new gfx card::Zotac GTX 560...
  2. desiibond

    AMD Phenom II benchmarks out!! Goodbye Q94xx

    AMD finally has a processor that can beat Intel Quad cores that are at a higher price point. But the sad truth. Phenom II is nowhere near to core i7. Phenom II 940 can do is compete with Core2Duo E8600 and Q9400 and Q9450. I am looking at Extremetech and in real time tests: 1) Video...
  3. V

    Need Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450

    I want to purchase Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 so pls tell me where it is available. If Q9550 is in good price then i purchase it.
  4. K

    Dilemma "QX 9650 QX9770 or Q9450"

    Guys I want to know --- (1) Why does the QX 9650 and QX9770 cost a bomb:D? (2) I am building a new High End PC, and I can't decide which one to buy. Tell me your opinions. (3) I want simply the best. But are these two extreme processors worth the hefty price tag? (4) How well does the Q9450...
  5. A

    want to buy a new pc for animation and vfx

    HI, I am new to this fourm :D. i want advice from u guys i want to buy a new pc for 3D animation .i am also intrested in vfx .i am confused about pc config. If i go with intel Q6600 based processor can i able to do vfx stuff ( i will be learing this myself in home.).will i able do learn...
  6. R

    Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450?

    Hi guys, Slowly and steadily Assembling my new RIG. But Processor and MoBo still not selected! Would like to know the Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450 when Overclocked on AIR (i.e without ne cooling)? I am an Aviation Buff and i spend a lot of time on Flight Simulator X. This is where...
  7. ajayashish

    Q6600 or Q6700 or Q9300 or Q9450

    This is the biggest question in my mind... i am planning to get a new Rig very soon and would have taken that already if i had no news of Q9450 arrival. I saw that Q9450 has 12MB cache and Q6600 which was my option at that time is 8MB... now some people say Q9300 is much better than Q6600...
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