1. chandan3

    visual fx (vfx) n web design

    hi, i have complited b.com .i ll do vfx n web designing ,which institutes is best in india . anyone anyone
  2. R

    See This Title Trailor of My Movie and Show Some Support

    I Am Struggling Film-Maker .. I Am Just 16 Year Old and I Am Trying to Make a Movie of Short length and Short Budget .. I lack many things needed to Do a Film .. But I Am Struggling Very Hard to do it with my friends .. I Cant Live Without Making Films .. I Have Uploaded the Title Trailor of...
  3. S

    Composition for PC used in Animation and Vfx

    I want a composition that would fit for my uses on Animation and Vfx. I will use my computer for softwares like: Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Audition Adobe Flash Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Dreamweaver Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3dsmax Autodesk Mudbox...
  4. win32.tr0jan

    Animation and Vfx Career

    I have read about career in Animation n VFX in a lot of career guidance magazines and websites.But recently,I heard that,the salary for these specialists are lower than programmers. Anyone knows how much is the starting salary a fresher gets?And about other perks and all? Please help,as I...
  5. K

    Aniframes-Blore--sugessions plss

    hello frenz i hav chose aniframes-blore for doin VFX course n i donno hw tat institute is...so plss giv sugession abt tat training institute....n i m a noob in vfx n i ringed thm.....thy sed it ll take 8months (6months maya + 2 months VFX) wit a fee of 50k.....is maya realli needed to be studied...
  6. K

    suggest a VFX training institute in bangalore

    hello frenz.....i ve completed engineering in EEE n i m interested in VFX.....suggest a VFX institute in BANGALORE tat can provide certificate course/career course in VFX......if u cn please provide course details.....thnx in advance.:-o
  7. A

    want to buy a new pc for animation and vfx

    HI, I am new to this fourm :D. i want advice from u guys i want to buy a new pc for 3D animation .i am also intrested in vfx .i am confused about pc config. If i go with intel Q6600 based processor can i able to do vfx stuff ( i will be learing this myself in home.).will i able do learn...
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