Want Software for Compressing Vedio Files

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I have a good collection of Vedio Songs.

some of them are in .mpg file format and some are in .dat format
average file size is about 50 MB and there are about 150 such files.

I want to compress the vedio files.

I know that compressing will reduce the quality of vedio, but as for audio files there is Mp3 file format that can compress file size and maintain the quality of the file, which file format does the same thing for vedio files?

I also want to know details of such vedio file formats like : which meida player would support them, which software is best for compression, where to get the software, and other details known to you.

It is very urgent as i have to clean my hardisk, by transferring them to cDs, as soon as possible.


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Try converting it into .avi using DivX. There's nothing much you can do.. truly. Check other formats if they support it but then you won't be able to play it everywhere on all systems and devices.


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Thanks to all

i also searched forum for related topics, although it hepled me a lot, but still i have some doubt in my mind

1. I have downloaded DivX, Xvid, VP62 Codec and use Virtual Dub for compressing Video files with the 3 codecs and found that its only the bitrate that defines quality/compression ratio. But i was unble to calculate ideal bitrate for respective codecs to solve my purpose. Pls Help me out here

2. In Virtual Dub Video Menu, what is the difference between Fast Recompress, Normal Recompress, Full Processing Mode?? Does this affect quality/compression of the output file???

3. I copied the .avi files of different codecs into a CD and try to Run it on another computer (Win200Pro+Win Media Player 6), which don't have the codec installed, the files run successfully. But when i tried same thing on one more computer (WinXpSP2+WMP9), which also don't have the codec installed, the files deny to run stating that the respective codec not found. Why this sould happen when there is newer version of OS and WMP ?????

if you have any ans pls post a reply


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converting, dat 2 divx or mpg ...

bt while converting many of my files have shown bad or corrupted tracks ...

& conversion stops or creates many such files which r useless ...

any solution ???
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