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VIT & VITEEE: anyone tried it or got in?

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Abhishek Dwivedi

hi guys,
Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever given a VITEEE before?
If yes,
1) How was ur experience?
2) Was it tough?
3) How would you compare it with JEE, AIEEE and other entrance exams for engineering?
4) How did u prepare for it?
5) What is the cutoff for Computer Science there?


In the zone
1) My experience was quite good. I managed to get correct answers of over 105 questions.
2)It was easy.
3)comparing it with JEE,AIEEE, its much easier. the level of questions are quite basic. they don't expect you to be rocket scientist, but they need your basics clear. As u might have seen some sample papers, the level is quite like level1 questions in any IIT prep book.
4)No extra prep. just revised my basics.i will advise R.S.Tuli for physics. its totally based on basics. For maths and chem, i have no particular book, but i guess pradeep will be good for chem as well.
5)cutoff, don't remember buddy. But i guess its somewat 100.

best of luck buddy. My sincere advice...prepare for level 1 questions. keep in mind the ORS sheet of VITEEE has quite bigger bubbles as compared to JEE..so as i messed up..give ur time filling up the bubbles.
Last: keep ur basics clear.


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My experience in VITEEE was not so good..
I managed 100 questions.. still they provided me a rank of 15000
according to me the questions were of weird type.. they just didn't fit with other Engg. Entrance exam.. All of my frnds had same reaction to the paper and if you think I am joking or expressing my frustration for not getting in there. then it's upto you..

I am In Computer Engg. @ NSIT (the one I got through CEE 08, Delhi for DCE and NSIT)
According to me if you have Biology you have more advantage... cause maths takes some time to solve.. But for Bio you just need to tick the right answer!

Well Best of Luck and don't ever carry any -ve intentions with you to ne exam..
Abhishek Dwivedi

Abhishek Dwivedi

hmm...so which entrance exams do u guys suggest me wud b best and easy for me to crack..am a maths student...and not a JEE or AIEEE type smarty...VITEEE is easy i think...what else do u suggest??


damn busy...
Well .no exam is easy to crack. Competition is everywhere. Just passing is not the thing. U got to get gud rank to get in. If a exam is easy to crack,even then too the students who r intelligent than u wil b ahead of u. So overall u wil get same type of rank in every competetive exams (wil vary wid the number of students taking part in the exam) . As i hav told u several times earlier on chat Try UPSEE dude n u wil Get a gud college. Baaki exams bhagwaan bharose :D . But if u r really very serious then pack up ur computer and all entertainment stuffs and start preparing for aieee .


In the zone
Rightly said.. no exam is easy to crack.. I am a dropper and I know how much its difficult to prepare seriously for an exam. I had to put in an effort of 6 months (for practice and revision) for JEE,AIEEE & CEE.. for rest I didn't do much but got fair enough score e.g BITSAT(303).

The key is how well are you wid the paper pattern.. Practice is must for each paper.
Remember one thing : stuffing everything in mind is the factor here.. the real factor is how much you can deliver in the paper with the knowledge yo have..


Evolving Rapidly...
well me too a dropper (now in 1st yr engg)....
from my exp....VITEEE is a paper which requires that u memorize formulas and facts and simply spit it out in the least possible time in the exam. and only maths wont do, also phy and chem reqd..... but yes i have heard of some golmaal happening in the ranks they give.... i got 24k.gave it the first time round.....but didnt bother for the second time....

anyway VIT, is not by any means any benchmark.... u have dozens of other options.

keep ur aims high.... and dont lose sight of them. be confident that u can achieve those targets. good luck.

and yes AIEEE is ur best bet to get into some above avg engg college. (since iitjee offers only abt 4000 engg seats, while thru aieee there r abt 10000)


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hey guys,
iam going to write viteee.
please recommend any books and also are there no previous years question papers for viteee in internet
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