1. lakeport

    What are effects of dropping 2 years for JEE-MAINS during placement

    I passed boards in 2012. Appeared for JEE and AIEEE. Not qualified any of them. Also appeared for JEE-Mains in 2013 and state engg entrance. Not qualified. Now i have taken admission in BA in a local college in my city, but i want to attempt JEE-Mains and my states engineering entrance one more...
  2. U

    Online Practice for Entrace Tests

    Hi guys, Here's a little venture from, it's entrance exam season, we are gonna put up some practice tests for entrance exams up on our site for you to do. Please do check it out, it might be good for some last minute practice! We are looking for questions, so please email use...
  3. nileshgr

    AIEEE quota in Maharashtra ?

    Till date I was thinking that, to get admission through AIEEE in Maharashtra colleges (non-autonomous and not via CCB) requires that the candidate has to give MH-CET. But someone told me that it can be applied without appearing into MH-CET too. Is this true ? I.e. through CAP conducted by DTE...
  4. techking_dinesh

    What after +2 now :(

    Hello, I m from Maharashtra state board SSC % = 85% HSC% = 76% Field of Interest : IT / Computer Science Being from mah state board competitve exams like jee , aieee were no cake for me, I did not appear for jee AIEEE i just managed a positive score and while i was shocked to see my...
  5. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Lovely Professional University: Worth joining or completely crap?

    Hey guys, I've got a call from LPU today saying that I can get BTech wit CS. I got a big "NOT" in JEE-09 result, not expecting something good in AIEEE & UPTU too (over 1L--yea! am a PCM idiot) So, if I don't get lucky in AIEEE & UPTU: 1) is LPU worth going? 2) is a fee of Rs64K+hostel per...
  6. M

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks * * Found these links on Web. Hope these will be useful :)
  7. INS-ANI

    Post enterance exam syndrome :)

    Hey, for all those who gave AIEEE exam, how was it? Lets discuss
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Marine Engineering

    I have applied for a handful of entrance examinations and among the two major exams, IIT-JEE and AIEEE, I screwed up IIT-JEE big time (expecting double digit marks) and AIEEE I am yet to write but hope to do decently. Based on rankings from these exams, which are the good collages I can target...
  9. Abhishek Dwivedi

    VIT & VITEEE: anyone tried it or got in?

    hi guys, Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever given a VITEEE before? If yes, 1) How was ur experience? 2) Was it tough? 3) How would you compare it with JEE, AIEEE and other entrance exams for engineering? 4) How did u prepare for it? 5) What is the cutoff for Computer Science there?
  10. BBThumbHealer

    Admission In Colleges On Basis Of AIEEE

    Hello Guys , I appeared for AIEEE 2008 this year and expecting a good rank in the examination ...I want to know how much rank is required to be eligible for admission in Pujab University , Chandigarh :: NIT , Jalandhar :: Thapar , Patiala :: NIT , Kurukshetra :: All of these colleges fall under...
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