1. vishnov

    LIFE ON THIN ICE..Help your brother..plz guide this soul!

    hi guys, i need your advise on a rather important matter which may decide on how my life progresses. I study in final year electronics and tele-comm. engg from a pvt college in Maharashtra. But still, i've got backlogs from first year (maths). Unable to clear my first year papers i am not...
  2. lakeport

    What are effects of dropping 2 years for JEE-MAINS during placement

    I passed boards in 2012. Appeared for JEE and AIEEE. Not qualified any of them. Also appeared for JEE-Mains in 2013 and state engg entrance. Not qualified. Now i have taken admission in BA in a local college in my city, but i want to attempt JEE-Mains and my states engineering entrance one more...
  3. @

    Tips to improve reasoning & quantitative aptitude skills.

    Most of the Govt jobs & entrance exams have this section. Some entrance exams [eg IIIT] have this as preliminary. I need some tips / books / sites / articles to improve my skills. I have this book Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal & I find this book highly boring. Any other good books ...
  4. G

    Doordarshan kendra caught in superstition

    :lol: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Hyderabad/article3300560.ece
  5. sourabh9agrawal

    Best MBA coaching institute in india?

    Best CAT coaching institute in india? Hello Friends, I have just given my final semester examinations of BE in computer science.Iam expecting average percentage of 63 in BE,it will be confirmed after the results of 8th semester.Iam thinking of preparing for CAT and...
  6. G

    India has exam system, not education system

    'India has exam system, not education system' - The Times of India Whats your take?:idea:
  7. The Conqueror

    Significance of Chemistry for an IT Course at IIT

    Hi, I've been wondering about the significance of Chemistry and Physics to pursue a course which is related purely to algorithms and computing at IIT. Why do we have the entrance test for Physics and Chemistry when the course the student will be studying is completely different? To a certain...
  8. R

    Best MBA Colleges in Pune? Plz Help..

    guys, one of my friend wants to MBA from pune, can u plz suggest which should he choose? There are a lot of choices by Maharashtra Common Entrance Test, and by other universities, but we are unable to decide which is good.
  9. T

    Should there be Entrance Exams for Teachers???

    My question is straight and simple, Shoul there be Entrance Exams for Faculties of Engg and Medical???
  10. T

    which stream for mba

    hi i going to appear in an mba entrance can anyone tell which stream has the good scope
  11. Abhishek Dwivedi

    VIT & VITEEE: anyone tried it or got in?

    hi guys, Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever given a VITEEE before? If yes, 1) How was ur experience? 2) Was it tough? 3) How would you compare it with JEE, AIEEE and other entrance exams for engineering? 4) How did u prepare for it? 5) What is the cutoff for Computer Science there?
  12. N

    MBA Entrance Notes

    I have MBA Entrance Notes (PT Education) for sale .. All the Prac-CAT papers and Comprehensive tests papers are included, including practice papers of other entrance exams with solution (Everything is in excellent condition). Interested ppl PM me.
  13. 047

    Pune university MCA papers

    Can anyone provide me pune university mca entrance previous year's question papers. Plz tell me the no. of questions (section wise), the duration of entrance and the cutoff(sectional as well as total). plz help me its very urgent.
  14. anandk

    Can you open this (Microsofts) coded door ???

    Microsoft has put on-line a new Marketing campaign related to Games for Windows. Once you get past this coded entrance door there is lots to explore and figure out. go to http://www.siteofchampions.com/#
  15. bkpeerless

    joint entrance news 2007

    hi where on net will i get news on joint entrance exams of engeneering 2007 on any state or all india. the news should include how to get form,when is the exam
  16. rakee

    MBA Entrance ATMA 06

    Hey guys i m in urgent need of ATMA 2006 entrance exam papers.I need resources for preparation...old question papers,mock tests..anything.. i tried googling it up...no fruit...thers a lot for cat..mat..etc i neeed resources that can help particularly for ATMA 2006 thank you dudes and...
  17. rakee

    Welcome Bangalore OSS/Linux 2004

    www.linuxbangalore.com let all bangalore digitians interested in OSS meet there.Offcourse it is about free software but not free entrance...500 Rs if you have registered online. see you all there..
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