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Virus- chrome.exe/foldername.exe... help required.

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I've searched google on this but nothing helpful came up. There is a thread on this forum about it but it's not very helpful either.

So i'm hoping if there is any updated info on this problem...

I got this malware from a usb drive.


i have a folder icon that is an exe file on my desktop called 'chrome' and another called 'new folder'. they are both exactly 310 kb in size.

i have the same two folders/exe files in the root of all my drives.

besides this i have folders/exe files in every folder and sub-folder on my computer with the same name as the parent folder. They are all 310 kb.

the folders/exes on the desktop/root cannot be deleted unless i stop a process called chrome.exe in task manager... but they come back after deletion.

the other folder/exes can be deleted and stay deleted for some time, but reappear on reboot.

avg 8.5, updated today, does not identify a virus.

any suggestions would be welcome.



Slideshow Bob

Boot into safe mode:
1. open your system drive
for C:drive (c:\windows\chrome.exe)
delete braviax.exe.
2. open registry editor and move to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

Click on winlogon. in the right pane you will see entry:shell
delete any value written in it and give this new value:


3. also search in registry for any chrome related entry and delete them.
4. clear all browsers data and system Restore.
thats all.............


Call me D_J!
Better install a firewall such as Comodo Internet Security and block them.

After installing goto Firewall >> Advanced >> Network Security Policy. Right Click on the suspicious files...then click Add Rule and in Action tab select Block.

Do this to all the suspicious files.

Install Tune Up Utilities 2009 and do a registry cleaning and do a disk check with TU Disk Doctor.

Then download ATF Cleaner and clear all the unnecessary files.


Broken In
Ok...thanks anyway.

Nevertheless, i switched from AVG to Avira and that solved the problem completely. Computer is now clean as a whistle... so thats for anyone else facing the same problem...

Apparently the infection was a worm called IM-Worm.Win32.Sohanad.gen which i got from an infected flash drive.

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Avira is getting good reviews these days, it has been in the most downloaded list of download.com not just like that. It has the capability to sideline both avast & AVG, the two most popular free anti-viruses for past few years, and give some tough competition to paid anti viruses.
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