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Videos keep hanging

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after i reloaded xp,the speed increased but the videos keep hanging.
i hv a intel centrino pentium M processor wid 256 MB ram.
is the RAM insufficient or can i do nething abt it???
i tried VLC n windows media player...:confused:


dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
hav u installed proper drivers for ur video card after installation?...chk device manager for installed device


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it happens it maybe ur gfx doesent support the video
try windows player classic , its probably the best player
it plays the video without hand BUT the sound intervals are the same ie it will be like playing on a normal player with the same sound intervals but the video will be smooth


does the Video hang suddenly while playing or it hangs up after u resume it from a standby (like if u paused d muvee and went away for sumtime, den when u came back 2 replay it, u c it has hung)
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