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  1. A

    Insufficient Memory While Running Dos Program In Xp

    While running foxpro programs in windows xp the following error is occurring anybody please help. "Insufficient Memory" rPrabhu
  2. N

    Inaccessible Due To Insufficient Permission

    Please Please help me guys, I run Windows XP SP2. I installed Comodo Firewall Pro from this month's Digit CD today. After installing that, I have not been able to open any program or file. Every time I try to do so, an error would pop up saying I have insufficient permission to access the...
  3. blueshift

    I can't remember!

    Yeah..honestly I cant even remember small things that happened in past(just few hrs ago). Yesterday I have given my bike to cousin yet after few hours I asked mom for its keys! ;-) Sometimes i am just confused what has been told to me though these doesn't not happen every now and then. I was...
  4. B

    Videos keep hanging

    after i reloaded xp,the speed increased but the videos keep hanging. i hv a intel centrino pentium M processor wid 256 MB ram. is the RAM insufficient or can i do nething abt it??? i tried VLC n windows media player...:confused:
  5. A

    tally problem

    After trying ur solution given for 'running tally in winxp'.I am getting below error TALLY Abnormal Completion. Status : 3 Insufficient files provided by dos. internal eoor. pl help me.
  6. S

    Hibernate Problem - Plz help

    hey technocrats, I own a sony vaio VGN - FE15GP laptop that has recently been creating a problem such that when i switch on to hibernate mode....a msg pops sayin "insufficient resources to complete the API" and then the onle option is to shut down..........what do i do?
  7. harish_21_10

    NFS UNDERGROUND2 pls help

    i have a serious problem with the NFS-U2 ,in the game i am not able to see any of the lights that i apply(EX:neon light,nitrous purge,headlights,etc.) not even will selecting them. my pc config is:p3,1Ghz,256MB SDRAM,nvidia geforce2 mx400 with latest drivers. is there my pc insufficient for...
  8. A

    Tally 4.5 On Windows Xp

    Hi, Ineed help that is how to run tally 4.5 in windows xp when ever i try to run the tally.exe it gves me this error TALLY Abnormal Completion Status :3 Insufficient files provided by DOS Internal Error.Contact Peutronics
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