1. Sarang\m/

    Lappy hanging in windows 7

    I have a Hp pavilion dv6 6255 laptop with windows 7 home basic pre-installed in it. Nowadays it starts hanging every now and then. It goes too slow and it doesn't even shuts down. I have to turn the power off for restarting it. After that it becomes fine again and after a few days it starts...
  2. I

    Nokia N8 Battery query

    Hello! I plan to buy Nokia N8 handset very soon but some1 told me that N8's battery is not detachable. Is that the case? Also, does it still have hanging probs. still after Anna update? Pls. reply soon..
  3. S

    1 TB Hard Disc

    Hi I have been facing problems with my hard disc. First, my PC started hanging.. I had to pay for data recovery from the hard disc. Bought another hard disc. This too was giving probs.. so changed my processor+mobo+ram few months back. Still, the problems of hanging exists (bsod also). Now...
  4. SlashDK

    Logitech MX518 hanging

    I bought my MX518 in December and it has been working fine till now. For a few days its been hanging for a few seconds every few minutes (very irritating while playing cs :x). The sound of hardware removed comes everytime it happens. I tried it on different USB ports but still no difference...
  5. Anish

    My computer doesn't respond

    Hi, It was fine since i installed the OS. but nowadays, i face this problem. Whenever I open my computer, it hangs and the window doesn't respond. But i can access the drives by typing their names from other window(ex: explorer, mydoc etc). Only my computer is hanging... why this happens... pls...
  6. the.kaushik

    First Hands on nokia N97 | India

    Today i got my hands on the n97...Its a pre sale device which was showcased at a mall here.. Some 6 were displayed and you can actually take them on hand and use. somewhere here (...
  7. M

    task prioritize..!!

    Hey guys i hv an intel 2.4 with 4 gb ram..with win vista. im playing godfather2 these days..the game starts alright... bt what happens afterwards is...it start hanging in between...thn again it works alright..thn starts hanging again...and this goes on.... what i want is...a software which...
  8. Raja Gopal

    Nokia N96

    i own nokia n96 mobile i bought it nearly a month ago it has 16gb internal memory i filled nearly 8 gb in it from 4 to 5 days of my purchase till now my mobile is hanging up a lot i am not a hardcore rough handler too , but, still it is hanging up a lot is there any way to overcome...
  9. Anindya

    Google Web-accelerator.

    just now i downloaded google web accelerator. But when i am trying to install it by double-clicking it, nothing is happening and the drive is actually hanging. Can anyone tell me whats the problem? Thanks
  10. smile

    System Hanging

    Hello......guys:) My System Is Hanging Always ....i Had Formatted The System...even Ran Antivirus But No Use...still Its Hanging Intel P4 2.0ghz, 256 Mb Ram, 40 Gb Hdd, 845 Gigabyte Motherboard
  11. pritish_kul2

    My lappy hanging

    My lappy is hanging after every 2 mins and running very slow. is it a virus? RAM - 1 GB COMPANY - HP
  12. B

    Videos keep hanging

    after i reloaded xp,the speed increased but the videos keep hanging. i hv a intel centrino pentium M processor wid 256 MB ram. is the RAM insufficient or can i do nething abt it??? i tried VLC n windows media player...:confused:
  13. T

    System Hangs at night!!1

    pals... i recently purchased a new sys.... 3800+ x2 2x1gb ddrII - 667 asus m2n-mx 160gb x2 hdd vista ultimate... my system runs....from morning 10am till next day morning 7am. continuous... but after my new system is been installed....and functioning.... my employes r...
  14. crystalboi

    Windows XP problem

    My computer's configuration is: Intel 946GZ motherboard, Intel 3.0 GHz 2MB Cache HT processor,1.5 GB RAM n 160GB HDD. Now when i install any game on Windows XP , they appear to be hanging n graphics are not so good. But on Windows Vista all games run greatly..there is no graphic hanging problem...
  15. iMav

    my pc is hanging

    well as i hv earlier also posted abt my monitor going blank problem my pc has started hanging frequently also .... generally happens wen i use apps like azureus and lime wire .... never happened in the past 2 years ... and now suddenly no error no nothing and pc just hangs or starts going blank...
  16. P

    e50-is it good

    hi can anyone tell me the pros n cons of e50.does it have hanging.... problem ?it's urgent. byee
  17. G

    help needed urgently,pc hanging,pls help

    hi guys im in gr8 prob my pc is hanging right from bios ,this is going on for 2 days .i dont know wats prob,if it gets on then it hang on while running any prog on xp. all in all my pc is juz hanging whether it be on bios ,if it gets forward from that then it hangs on further processes. can...
  18. S

    just floating helpless in japan

    hello everybody will somebody say me give me best sites to study the unix,i have no meaning about this os,my company said me to wrok out this one so i am hanging in middile of ocean without boat. let me know if something there.
  19. F

    NOKIA 3120 hanging & not starting!- Help

    My Nokia 3120 phone is hanging which is progressively becoming worse (previously once or twice a day, but now almost in every 15 minutes). Most of the time it is when I try to use the phone to call some no. Previously it was restarting by itself after hanging but now it doesn’t restart. I can...
  20. club_pranay

    MS AntiSpyware

    MS AntiSpyware hangs while updating, what should i do? a hanging MS product- no surprise
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