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  1. 047

    Utorrent speed help!!

    hi i want to increase utorrent's speed. i have airtel broadband with 64kbps speed. right now i m having speed from 1 to 3 kBps. often its speed goes down to 0kBps. i cant dwnld nething from it it's too slow. can nebody help me plz?
  2. B

    Videos keep hanging

    after i reloaded xp,the speed increased but the videos keep hanging. i hv a intel centrino pentium M processor wid 256 MB ram. is the RAM insufficient or can i do nething abt it??? i tried VLC n windows media player...:confused:
  3. iMav

    ethical hacking course

    i had read looooong time ago about a govt certified ethical hacking course but i cant find nething regarding it can ne1 help me out ...
  4. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Unattended Installation of Adobe Photoshop

    To make installation of Photoshop automated/unattended (U'll not hv to do nething after double-clicking on the setup icon, it'll install the Photoshop and also exit after finishing the installation automatically :D ), U hv to edit "Abcpy.ini" file (In root of CD), and add following lines in...
  5. A

    All videos in exe file

    I have some divx videos. What I want to do is complie them into a single exe file. Mayb in VB or flash or nething else. Without spoiling the content presentation. Pls help.
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