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Vfm 750w psu


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There is nothing as 750 watts only. A very good brand's 650 watts may outpower another's 750 while many 800+ watts will loose out to an exceptional 750 watts PSU.

Go for Coolermaster SilentProM 700-850 range, 700 watts is like 7k and 850 watts is like 8.5k+.

If you want something entry level, then Seasonic 800 watts starts at 6600 for the basic version!


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@JAS is ter any prob wit SeaSonic 750w SS750JS??

Coz the price is appealing..

Seasonic 850W (SS-850AT) 80+ bronze - 6.8K


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Actually I'm not SLI'ing right now. But system specs can be assumed to be:

Intel i5 2500k overclocked to about 4.2-4.5 GHz
ASUS P8P67 PRO mobo
4 gigs of ram
One CPU cooler with 1/2 fans
2x1TB HDDs
Cabinet with 6 fans
GTX 560/570 (plan to buy another later when I get cash and SLI)/Radeon 6950(again plan to get another later and xfire)

So I want PSU to support future upgrades.


Get 850W. We discussed this in you prev. thread na :)
Corsair TX850 -> 7.5K+ @Tirupati/Aditya


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SeaSonic S12D 850 is better coz, its 80+Silver as opposed to straight 80 plus with the corsair TX850 also at lower cost..
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