1. C

    HDMI Cable

    I need to connect SAPPHIRE HD 5670 512MB GDDR5 PCIE VGA To my monitor BenQ v2410 LED, which have HDMI 1.3. Can i use the cable Amazon.in: Buy HDMI TO HDMI CABLE Online at Low Prices in India | HDMI Computer Reviews & Ratings ? I am replacing the cable because i do plan to get a...
  2. D

    Android Softwares download help

    Dear all Please answer the below mentioned queries. 1)I want to download Android os for mobile and pc. please suggest me good sites where in i can find all the android versions and procedure to download. Android is freeware, but when i went to android.com. it didn't show me option to...
  3. R

    Fifa 14 squad update

    Can anyone please help me?? Updated the squads in my fifa 14 .....some players rating increased. But when I restarted the game the ratings went back to its original form that like it was before update.I don't know why.
  4. harshilsharma63

    Should I trust there ratings?

    Hi, I have a Zebronics case which includes a PSU. Now, I'm not sure weather I should trust these power ratings or not. I usually add led'd and other devices in my PC as part of my modding interest, so I need to know the Amperage of all lines. Should I trust the printed power ratings?
  5. S

    Buying A/C for my bedroom

    Hello Guys, I would like to buy a 1 ton A/c for my bedroom. Any advices on the brands, * ratings etc? Am from trivandrum and buying A/c unit from Army Canteen.
  6. D

    Motorola: Very slow charger

    Stock charger supplied with my Motorola Fire Xt is a 5V 550mAh micro USB charges. It is very slow and takes almost 3.5 hours to charge phone. 1. Is this a normal duration. I guess so with ratings. 2. Do we have a fast charger option from motorola or third Party - does such fast charger...
  7. Alok

    Unstoppable Gorg

    A Thrilling space tower defence game with fleshy graphics and addictive gameplay. Unstoppable Gorg for PC Reviews, Ratings, Credits, and More at Metacritic
  8. slashragnarok

    Vfm 750w psu

    Which 750W PSU do you think gives the most value for money? 750 W only please. No other ratings.
  9. confused

    WTB External HDD....Which one is more reliable, Western Digital or Seagate???

    Hi guys, the title says it all. I want to buy an external HDD. 1TB is easier on the pocket though 2TB will be drool worthy. I was almost definitely going to get a Seagate (have had 4 Seagate drives - 20GB (lasted 3 1/2 yrs), 80GB, 750GB, and finally 500GB(this one has failed twice and been...
  10. M

    Welcome to Thinkdigit v3!

    Welcome to Thinkdigit v3! Welcome to the new design for the Thinkdigit website! Once again Digit puts you through the minor inconvenience of redefining your reality... Has the website really changed? Or is just the Matrix telling you that it has? How can you really know that the website...
  11. victor_rambo

    [tutorial/javascript] Prevent users from submitting blank or incomplete ratings

    source: Myself :D This script will be particularly helpful to webmasters who have 'Rate products', or 'Rate articles', etc rating tasks on a page. Sometimes an user may send bl;ank rating(that would just increase your server load, or if automated may be heavy on resources). Also if many...
  12. iMav

    Windows Experience Index

    the 2 screenshots should tell all .... first screen is computer properties it shows unrated and when i click on it it takes me to the next window where it should actually show the indvidual ratings but it isnt :(
  13. imencoded128bit

    Whacky idea but i need it !

    Guys, its a very strange idea, but i am a very big music junky. . . . With over 9 days of music ( as per itunes) i started rated songs in Windows media paler 11. . . . now it occured to me, backing up y ratings ? Because re doing some thousands of songs is gona be more than a nightmare . ...
  14. A

    Want To Connect Theatre Speakers To Pc

    hi... I Want To Connect Theatre Speakers To Pc, the ones with negative and postive wires & the ratings r 100w. plz help
  15. H

    Speaker ratings

    cud any1 plz xplain what these speaker ratings [2.13.1,4.1 etc] actualy mean?.....do they stand for power outputs ?
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