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[Urgent] Converting Videos to be played on my iPod

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Hello Guys,

I recently purchased an iPod Video 60GB and am using it these days. But the biggest problem I'm facing is this...

It plays only .mp4 files (not even .mov files are supported). The popular formats .mpg, .mpeg are not supported.
Whenever I try synchronizing videos to my iPod using itunes, it asks to convert them into AAC but just after that a message pops up telling me about an error that the video cannot be converted.
To add insult to injury I found on the Apple website that you need to have Quicktime Pro 7 to convert videos into iPod format.
and to add even more insult to injury the videos I convert using Nero Recode to .mp4 format do not play on the iPod instead show green green patches all over.

So my question is this...How can I convert my videos into .mp4 format which can be played on my iPod without any hassles.

Plz.... Urgent help required!!
Nero Recode does the job for me. Here's an excellent guide -

To rip a DVD to hard disk use DVD Decryptor, follow instructions in the Videora guide below.

Nero recode tips: For widescreen DVD rips resize to 640x352. Deinterlace should be on. Video bitrate of 900kbps and 128kbps audio at 48KHz works fime for me and looks great on TV. Use 2-pass and maximum quality in advanced settings. Don't forget step 14 in th above guide. Also, don't bother setting up profiles, Nero doesn't remember all settings anyway. Also uncheck "Fit to disc" option so you can set custom video bitrates.

Videora is a good free option.



Thx a lot Sebastian....

But u know, I've already tried Nero Recode and the videos don't play nicely on the iPod. Green patched show all over, whereas they play nicely on the PC.

Anyways, I'll try ur methods.

Thx again.
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