1. A

    Uncontrolled jumping of Intex wired usb mouse cursor

    How can i stop this continous up down jumping of my mouse cursor in my windows8 laptop.its wired witha usb port.This doesnt happen without the mouse ie when the mouse is removed.
  2. P

    no audio in win 7

    hey guys. i recently got a new comp and everything went perfect until i found that i get no audio at all! ive instatlled all the latest drivers but to no avail. . but wen i play a file it plays without a hitch and the equalizer too seems to be jumping up and down in the audio properties. so...
  3. A

    I R lookin phor phone under 15k XD

    i got some options htc 3400,3600 nokia n73 ,(does n73 has 3G ?) LG kf510 ,kf750 dun want sony :P i want 3pmx camera ,good music quality , 3G .EDGE .....wifi not much of a use or is it? so hurreh guys i got cash jumping in my pocket lol .im sure u all know the...
  4. desiibond

    two Vista issues that frustrate me

    Guys, please please help me out to resolve the following two issues: 1) If I unplug and plug the audio cable, I am not getting sound from speakers. I see that when I play any song, the audio meter is jumping (when I click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner). 2) When I disconnect...
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