1. Desmond

    Maharashtra govt. warns babus to communicate only in Marathi or face charges.

    One question I ask myself at least once everyday is "Why are there so many retards around?" Source: Department heads issued stricter warnings on Marathi use: Kadam - The Times of India
  2. ratul

    Another mishap from Indian Govt. IT Dept: NIC gets rap for issuing fake digital certificates.

    Read more: NIC gets rap for issuing fake digital certificates - Livemint Apparently, only Chrome users were affected, firefox use it's own list of trusted certs and hence not affected.
  3. S

    Is Bsnl really mad or are they fooling me?

    I got my BSNL sim cut and tried to make it micro sim myself so that i can insert it to my new xperia sp,but unfortunately I failed.And then i went to bsnl and they issued me a duplicate sim,charged for 100 rs. but when i asked that stupid uncle about whether the sim is 3g or 2g,he said now a...
  4. V

    APPLE get Patent shock !

    we all know the Apple's famous "thermo nuclear War on 'Android' in all over the world...after getting knocked by SAMSUNG in Germany and in Australia, second round of shock has been delivered by the ITC judge Theodore ruled that Motorola didn’t violate Apple’s rights on three patents. Motorola...
  5. Ponmayilal

    U.S. Court summons Sony On PS3 FW update 3.21

    On a class action complaint filed by a California Resident and owner of a Sony PS3, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has issued summons to Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. The complaint pertains to the intentional doing away of the " Install...
  6. satyamy

    Paypal Payment Question .....?

    I have some paypal issue I have 495$ in my paypal a/c i requested a cheque they told me that $ to Rs. rate is 39.1657 instead of 40.45 why did they do so.......? On Thursday I requested for a cheque, today(tuesday) it is showing "Check Issued" in Status of withdraw So How many days will it...
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