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  1. B

    Unlisting number from Truecaller

    Hi Friends, My cousin wants to unlist her number from Truecaller. She has not registered her number on the Truecaller app ever. I have entered her number multiple times under Truecaller unlist since the past one month but still her number remains on Truecaller. I have unlisted some other...
  2. patkim

    How truecaller gets mobile number details?

    I just explored truecaller online (not the app) and found that out of two numbers that I searched one was correctly reported and the other showed some other name altogether. How this truecaller actually captures the mobile number details? I wonder because the other number should ideally have...
  3. Cyberghost

    Truecaller app launched for Android Wear

    The popular Truecaller app is now made available for Android Wear. Truecaller is one of the first developers selected to bring an app to the Android Wear platform, allowing users to quickly get call or contact information. Read More : Truecaller app launched for Android Wear
  4. a_medico

    Truecaller popup query

    I have been using truecaller since a year or so. Earlier it used to work fine. But after several upgrades, it doesnt popup anymore 'before' call. I get popup afterwards, or have to check the caller id manually. Have they made it a premium feature now? Or am I missing something in the settings?
  5. ratul

    Truecaller Database hacked..

    Source: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller
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