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track IP address

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anomit said:
Well I have an idea. Some one like digen should approve of this first.

1.Get hold of a proxy software like WinProxy or free ones from the Digit DVD.

2.Now get a list of public proxies by visiting sites like www.stayinvisible.org or by googling 'Public Proxies'.

3.Using the software make a rule on port 8080(I think this is the default one) for a HTTP proxy. There you supply the public proxy address you just found out.

4.Now let us assume that your computer name is HOME. So in your browser's proxy settings for HTTP you supply the address as HOME and port 8080.

Do the same for the other protocols.

To find out computer name: [Start]+[Pause] => "Computer Name" Tab

5.Now start the proxy software as a service.

I think this should do. Waiting for digen........

P.S. Firewall should not be running or it wil block your connection attempts.

Man u had to check out the Law before explianig stuff illegal !!!!

its illegal to use a Proxy address !!!

without legal permission !!!

CheerS !!!


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Well man in these are PUBLIC proxies i.e. available to anyone for free use. On top of it, in India there are transparent proxies available. So I dont see why its illegal.


It is not illegal.. u have every right to hide ur Info.
Proxies don't help much. a project is running to hide ur IP.. i can't post abt that.
try rody

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Deep said:
pradipudhaya said:
If we use an anonymus ip address, is it possible to track?

nopes because it is behind proxy...so it will show the proxy server's IP address...


whats a proxy n anonymous ip.

how can i know that whether my ip is anonymous or da other one.


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whats a proxy n anonymous ip.

There is nothing such as annonymous IP. There are annonymous proxies.
Proxy is a computer through which you connect to the Internet instead of being directly connected. It is often used in organisations where there are a large number of computers.Proxy servers use proxy software.Good proxy softwares have in-built firewall and AV along with spam-filtering and many other features.

Go to www.publicproxyservers.com There you will find classifed info about transparent and annonymous proxies


Thankx Deep & it_wazzant_me !! I was also looking for a procedure for this type of thing.


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i just saw a Tamil movie in which the police officers find a person's telephone number using his IP address...WELL , THAT WAS A MOVIE.... now can this be really done?? if YES,,how ??


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chanduthebest said:
i just saw a Tamil movie in which the police officers find a person's telephone number using his IP address...WELL , THAT WAS A MOVIE.... now can this be really done?? if YES,,how ??

It can be done. The thing is, your ISP keeps (or is required to keep) track of IP address allocation information for some specific number of days. So there is basically a database of userID, IP address and time (and others, ofcourse) available at the ISP. No one can view this info without a warrant from the appropriate judicial body. Since most of the ISP's provide internet services over their telephone line, there is almost certainly identifying information on the user.


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can one trace the ip in rediffmail

can anyone tell me how to trace an IP add. in rediffmail. :)


LOL.. amazing topic.. Geeks are trying to exlain things in most basic ways..

Guys use Wingates or put rootkits in someones comp & use it.. as easy as..

Login to any proxy server.. login to yahoo & send mail.. Dhoom.. u are done..

Or else do a syn scan for port 25, find an open relay & send in smtp cmd line .. done :)

IP spoofing is old now.. Get ready to rock with IPv6.


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it_waaznt_me said:
Hmm.. Login to your Yahoo Mail ..
Click on Mail Options ..
Click on General Preferance ..
Under the Messeges header, Select Show all headers on incoming messages ..
Click on Save changes ..

Now whenever your friend email you , you'll get headers like
X-Originating-IP: []

Thats the IP from the mail was sent .. :p


Can u tell me how to do tis in rediffmail n gmail.


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Lol... you guys sometimes try to search through the webmail interface also..

In Gmail click on show original
In rediffmail its not possible coz its mail interface does not allow for revealing full headers. However by using their POP3 client its possible...


But how would knowing the IP address of the person sending the mail be usefull if the person is using has a dynamic IP setup .


if u r using a dial up connection ur ISP will issue an IP address to you when you dial and that will be ur IP address for that session, after which it will be given to someone else.
ur IP address along with ur fone number and period of online activity will be stored in ur ISP's database for a minimum period of 72 hours for security reasons.
If someone complains against that IP then all the fone numbers for which that IP address was specified around that time will be minitored.


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Well, I think taking the Yahoo Mails in an e-mail client like Outlook Express and then checking the properties make the job more easy and also it dosen't makes it too "messy" .

iinfi , you can try ths my using Yahoo Pop and Outlook Express


I dont think there is anypossible way.

But someone please show me the way in Gmail I just cannot seem to find it .

@ THE INCREDIBLE if you know where it is please do let me know.

I cannot just find it in show original
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