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Time to remember our real heroes

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It is 10th anniversary of KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS , ten years back 26th JULY, 1999 we captured our last hill from Pakistan , by fighting
against uncivilized pakistani soldiers who tortured and killed indian pows .

But... we lost some of our most valuable, great, brave, warrior BROTHERS.
I SALUTE to all those who have pledged their lives, for our PEACE - JAI HIND

This salute is for those who... :

  • Lost their lives, trying to save the lives of millions of Indians
  • Thought that Country comes first and their own family later.
  • Bravely faught the war
  • Gave everything that they had.. without expecting anything in return.
  • Never slept nights together so that we could sleep peacefully.
  • Left their wives and children... for the safety of the Nation
please vist the following links to know about our brave brothers who lose their life for our tomorow



Tribal Boy
A BIG salute to the real heroes.

I remember an ad during the war.

It was something like . ...

"He had a lot of dreams - just like you ...

"He loved once or twice - just like you ...


And he is fighting for a stranger - and that stranger is you "

The people whom I respect the most are - Soldiers and firefighters ! Soldiers keep us safe and firefighters - when we all run out, they goes in.


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i suggest ppl to read the week magazine, they have run a cover story about the war. it has a lot of heartbreaking stories about the plight of our war veterans.

and the govt and media is busy with the kalam frisking incident. higher beings i suppose.


Wandering In Tecno Land
^^ Many of them suck re
I only salute those r genuine products of Indian Army and are doing everything without corruption and had done so in past
JAI HIND..............!!!! (Music in BG : Sa re jahan se acha.....)
Yeah some of them spend their lives sitting in the camps, playing pool and drinking whiskey but most of them are brave and fully committed to the nation.


tHe nEw gEEk......ITian
Salute to the Martyrs of Kargil war and the soldiers who fought for us.........!!!

JAI HIND......!!!
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