The Greatest Character In A Game Of All Time.........


MARIO That's it......

we are not talking about personal choice......

i like Jack Traver BTW.....


Broken In
well my fav is
tommy (mafia)
prince (pop)
kaileena (pop ww)
nico (broken sword ---- cool blue hair)
max payne
agent 47 (coz of his bar code in his bald head)
well i cont later (after remberring them)

/\/ ! + ! /\/

Right off the assembly line
My favourite characters are:-

Link (Legend of Zelda)


Samus Aran (Metroid)

I guess I like Nintendo characters a lot


In the zone
Kyo from king of fighters.
Akuma from Sf.
The lead character in The GTA series like VC and SA.
Prince from POP series
Hworang and Jin fron Tekken series
dats about it!


Hitman anytime on weekdays and twice on Sunday

I know I used this dialogue from A Few Good Men (Tom Cruise) very crudely :p


Tux Fan
My favorite chars
>Max payne [i dont agree with his tie though!]
>tommy vincetti[correct my spelling plz][gta vc]
>mario & lugi
>james bond


Salieri Family
For me I liked
1) Thomas Angelo (Tommy) from the mafia game. I like his Talks,the way he talks..In a silent manner and his thought process is Excellent. I like the way he narrated the story to Norman. And the last dialogs which he says (In the background) when he was killed by Don Salieri are Extremely good and meaningful.
2) Max Payne 2- I liked his Rugged voice...the way he speaks "MONA" is damn good...


Aspiring Novelist
Greatest Eh,Does Kaileena count?;)
I would have to give Agent 47 a.k.a Hitman a.k.a The greatest character tag.
Dark and brutal.Almost like me.:D


Right off the assembly line
Prince..... rock's your hands.......
Lara....... opens your mouth wide....
Gordan freeman...... actually he closes his mouth (he he....)
Deus Ex Jc Denton.....Cool.......


Right off the assembly line
well... my favourite character wud have to be Tommy Vercetti.
Also one of my favs wud be BJ Blazkowicz and the characters from King of Fighters like Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Benimaro Nakaido

and also JC DENTON
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