The Greatest Character In A Game Of All Time.........


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Just wanna knw d best character in a game tat u hav plyd and consider it to be d the absolute best.For me it's Prince in d Prince Of Persia games....


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same here dude!!....PoP series rocked!!....i hope there'll be a movie based on the awesome story!!....and i think it deserves nothing less than a trilogy!!

the character of Max Payne was also pretty good....


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But I like Gordon Freeman the most, followed by Prince in PoP and then Jack Carver in Farcry (PC), Farcry Instincts (XBOX), Farcry Instincts Predator (XBOX 360).


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Malcolm from UT series... :D

else Gordon Freeman... then it wud definitely wud be payne.

and i look like the prince (from PoP) tho i am a bit more fatter than him... :D a BIT.. ; )) ... so prince too .. hehe


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MARIO :mrgreen: How can u forget him guys??tell me if you didnt love that game

@soumya I was thinking to start the same thread after seeing "10 Play" in NOW TV today :shock:


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the game character that really made an impression on me was MAX PAYNE, such was the thrilling nature and beauty of the game, it immersed u so much, u almost felt like max himself. it was the PAPA of all FPS shooter games, at that time (almost 5 years ago) its graphics rocked, no other FPS game had such graphics, such storyline, and most importantly, the BULLETTIME!!!! 8)

u just can't single out any character since in each game that u like to play there will be different characters that u would like. so my list (in order) would be:

2. HITMAN (my avatar)
3. THE PRINCE (pop)
4. SAM FISHER (splinter cell)
5. GORDON FREEMAN (half life)



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1. Garret (Thief series) (Greatest of all heros)
2. Agent 47(Hitman series)
3. Sam Fisher(Splinter Cell)
4. Max Payne
5. Raziel (Legacy of kain series)
6. Prince (POP triology)
7. Jack Carver(Farcry)
8. Matthew Caine (Quake 4)
9. Gordon Freeman (Halflife series)
10. Tommy (Mafia)


gordon freeman
and since this is getting so monotonous

Heyachi from the tekkan series
Akuma from street figher


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Well, when it comes to *one* single character, its hard, but I will go for Gordon Freeman for Half Life series. If I had other chances, then it would be Tommy Vercetti of GTA Vice City, Tommy of Mafia and Mr. 47 of Hitman series. 8) :D


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Xan Kriegor in UT and UT 2k4 rOCKZ...especially when he taunts "I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA"
The other character i liked was ARKANTOS in AOM. (more than Arkantos, i enjoyed the campaign)
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