The fight between E-commerce and the brands

Vignesh B

Earlier this year, brands such as Lenovo and Toshiba warned customers against purchasing their products from e-commerce sites such as Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon India. The companies in their advisories said that Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon India are not the authorised resellers of their products. Recently, Gionee also released a similar advisory, warning not to purchase their products from any online retailers.

In an interaction with Digit, a Snapdeal spokesperson said: “ is an online marketplace where authorized sellers list their products on the platform. We take utmost care to list products only by those sellers who have the necessary authorization to sell these products. These authorized sellers already selling offline are the ones listed on our site and are selling Lenovo and Gionee products online through our platform. Customers can rest assured that all the products including Lenovo and Gionee products which are available on are genuine and eligible for warranty. Further, being an online marketplace, the pricing decision solely lies with the seller listing the product.”

Brands recently released advisories against buying products on e-commerce sites. How valid is their stand? How does it impact the e-commerce segment? What does the e-commerce industry think? And most importantly, what does it mean for users?

Personally, I do buy quite a lot from online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Never had to face a warranty issue, so can't say about that. Rest all was quite good.
Now proclamations like these by the brands do tend to induce a sense of fear, especially if you are going to buy a product which causes a huge hole in the pocket.

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In the zone
Why such a conflict ??

Say, You buy a mobile from Nokia showroom and if you find it troubling after couple of days, service center is the only option. But Flipkart replaces your product till 30 days..

Moreover the companies can achieve more sales through e-commerce sites.. I don't understand the reason for the conflict... :-/


Grand Master
Nikon do not give any kind of warranty to product brought from online shops like flipkart, snapdeal etc


In the zone
Flipkart still has/had exclusives like a few laptops and mobile phones, so maybe the problem is only between specific manufacturers like lenovo and online retailers.


Broken In
I for one buys a lot of stuff from online mostly and I really feel brands make their profits from the e-commerce sits i don't get the conflict here.


Still in war with allies
offline retailers like reliance , croma made huge hue and cry against e-portals that they are cutting profits ....Reliance is expert in these kind of mischief

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Asus notebooks also warns consumers from buying via these e-commerce websites:
Asus warns against buying their devices from Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon - MediaNama


Still in war with allies
Nikon do not give any kind of warranty to product brought from online shops like flipkart, snapdeal etc

alas should have told me 2 month earlier , I wouldn't have bought nikon cam from snapdeal but i was able to
register my cam on nikon site , also I got vat bill


Can a consumer go to consumer court if service/guarantee/warranty is refused by a company for online purchase?

This kind of behaviour is why we can't have nice things.
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