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  1. Desmond

    Alibaba officially entering the Indian market

    Source: Flipkart, Amazon And Snapdeal Just Got A New Competitor, China's Alibaba To Enter Indian Market
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    GST might up costs for Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce firms by 10-15 per cent

    GST might up costs for Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce firms by 10-15 per cent E-commerce may be the most exciting sector for entrepreneurs and investors in the country, but online retailers may see their costs go up 10-15% once the goods and service tax is implemented. Industry...
  3. V

    The fight between E-commerce and the brands

    Personally, I do buy quite a lot from online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Never had to face a warranty issue, so can't say about that. Rest all was quite good. Now proclamations like these by the brands do tend to induce a sense of fear, especially if you are going to buy a product which...
  4. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Amazon-ian worries: Why Flipkart is not at all happy about FDI in e-commerce

    Although online global retailers in India like Amazon and eBay are cheering Narendra Modi government's plan to open the e-commerce sector to foreign direct investment (FDI) as early as next month, it seems not everyone is happy about it. India's biggest online retailer, Flipkart, is opposing...
  5. CyberKID

    ED to Probe Flipkart

    The Enforcement Directorate will look into the alleged violation of foreign direct investment regulations by e-commerce company Flipkart Online Services and cash & carry retail chain Bharti Walmart.... Source
  6. r4gs

    Preview and Feedback [October 2012]

    Buy Smart Buy Smart As the festival season approaches, we give you all the latest dos and don'ts when buying, so you're not taken in by all the hype. Package Contents: Digit magazine Fast Track devworx special booklet 3xDVDs Order the magazine at: Digit store Phone and Tablet version at...
  7. bubusam13

    No room for Amazon ?

    Retail firms with FDI won’t get to do e-commerce Read more here India won’t allow e-commerce by retail companies with FDI - Livemint
  8. A

    Is OS commerce is best?

    Is their any other alternative software which is is good for building e-commerce site.?
  9. Plasma_Snake

    Final year books suggestions???

    So finally its the beginning of Final Year of my engineering, got the Academic Schedule today itself and so need your suggestion on the books of the following subjects; Linux :p Compiler Design :confused: Broadband Communication Artificial Intelligence :cool: E-Commerce:mad: BTW we were...
  10. T

    E-commerce questions

    hi friends, I have some queries about E-commerce sites.Plz help 1. If i have an E-commerce site and i sell products online how can i be sure that the credit card no. given by the customer is valid and has not expired. 2.How can i be sure that the credit card no. has not been tampered with...
  11. G

    e-commerce project!

    hello people, i have to do a project on an e-commerce site... the site that i have been give is newegg.com... now there are certain guide lines which i have to follow while making the project... these are the guidelines.... profile of the site security issues payment terms products or...
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