Tata Sky + = More Jhingalala

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dudes... if you guys really want to know more on video/audio/TV capturing etc... then you must watch videohelp.com and doom9.net.

these both sites can be helpful and i think you will find proper solution.

And yeah..VLC can be used for recording...

you have to select you Analog card to record content.And apply specific filters on the data for compression/quality etc...

But you can also use ChrisTV.(not free ;) ).
Which supports compression in divx/xvid while recording.So ur HDD will not filled with raw video :).

try it.


And yeah... TS is really "Total sucking" :).. Jingaalala ka meaning kuch or hi hota he yahan i think :D ;) :p lol.. ha ha ha...

because its not even compared to DVD quality man..then how you can say HD... even they know the meaning of HD? Full HD DVD size is about more than 15GB i think... and the quality is awesome...i have seen it once of Movie Matrix..which was amazing friends... :D :p

i bet you,, then can't handle such large data yaar... forget it... and grt movies (HD Rips ;) ..you know where you can find it right? ;) ). And watch desi cable TV..its good..sasta or accha... kamse kam wo juth to nahi bolte... jaisa he vaisa he... :)...

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