Tata Pulls out of Singur

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So finally Tata signals Tata to Singur:(
Sorry and Tata: Nano leaves West Bengal

Kolkata: Tata Motors is pulling its Nano car project from Singur in West Bengal. This was announced after a meeting between Tata Motors chief Ratan Tata and Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

“Through out the last two years we have faced enormous disruptions, threats and assaults. We are moving out of West Bengal keeping in mind the safety of our employees, vendors and our associates,” Ratan Tata announced this at a press conference after the meeting.

“We appreciate the government’s investor friendly approach but our decision to leave has been prompted by those opposing the project. We do not see any change on the horizon,” Tata said adding that the car will roll out on time.

“We have a time line, we have made promises to people.”

The company regretted giving the people of West Bengal bad news at the time of puja festival but said it had no other choice. "It is unfortunate that we faced agitation and that is sole reason to take the decision," said Tata.



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atlast some progress has been made.

i thought i will have to wait all my life for the nano production to start.
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Too much politics kills everything :(

Really sad news and I am not against the people of WB, but WB is the top most state in India with highest number of Haratals and Bandhs !! ( Wikipedia Link ) and we (Kerala) is competing with them, rt now we are on place 2 !!!

First the politicians should start doing something for the people of the states, whether they are in power or they in the opposition. I do not know whos part is right in the WB issue, but pretty sure its because of too much politics.


Call me Sumit
^^ din ...both state are ruled by communist and that explains it
........i am amazed why no hartal in CHINA though (they are communist too) :D


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^^cause then the military will fire on the protesting people, read as Tiananmen Square Massacre.(*en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Square_protests_of_1989)


Call me Sumit
^^ i know that already ..i was jus wondering they call themselves communists and there is a big diff b/w china and india communists..what a comedy :lol:


OFFTOPIC :::^^ we tried to compete with china too read the mandal commision massacre .. though there were no deaths but the effects are felt even today..(*en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandal_Commission_Protests_of_1990)

It's sad to see Tata leaving WB .. finally WB was looking like it was ready to move ahead but that Biaaaaa*ch for her petty political gains hijacked the issue ..her stupid party henchmen who virtually captured nandigram .. which led to ugly battles betwn CPM & trinamool on the ground ..

Mr.Ratan Tata even said that the competitors (read Bajaj & Ghosn) funded the agitation which wud have costed atleast Rs.1 crore per day .This point was raised before too ..

Do u guys believe this ??? Do these guys stooped so low or is Tata trying to play martyr before the public...


Call me Sumit
^^ Nah ...Tatas are such a respected name .......Thats right Maruti and Bajaj might have funded this....But thats really sad ....lekin business main everything is fair :x

Thats y our country is not developing..Jobs are only @ Delhi,mumbai,pune,Hyd,chennai,cochin etc ...and due to chutzpah of various states ppl flock to where ...there are more jobs filling all the metro cities and create a inequal load on the metros..what each state shud do is to try to compete with each other and say to industrialists that see we have bigger better roads,quality education,ultra modern airports,come and invest in our state...but politicians dont have the mind to think all that ..they always think of themselves not society.........politicians are bull sh*t bas*ards :x


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all we need to stop anything,no matter how big, is one mamta banerjee and a couple of braindead zombies.I am pretty darn sure had the LHC been built in India,people would have never let it work even once even though the costs involved is nothing short of astronomical.

what a loss for singur\WB,a perfect chance for fast development,and not to forget millions of jobs.

All mamta banerjee wanted was some dough for her retirement,her political career is already over since long.Guess she swallowed more than what she could chew.


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the attitude of WB ppl hav to cahnge......actually some of urban ppl wanted that proj...but mamta took advantage of farmers...... tata company has to face the losses it has incurred


This is a big psychological blow to investors in general; no one will want to put his money on a project in West Bengal.


the attitude of WB ppl hav to cahnge......actually some of urban ppl wanted that proj...but mamta took advantage of farmers...... tata company has to face the losses it has incurred

yeah but with the state govt. deciding not to return any of the acquired land back to the farmers, the people there now dont have land nor do they have a job !!

and the best part of all of this was a minister condemning the opposition parties for protesting against industrialization etc but isn't this exactly what his party { the Left in general } have been doing at the central govt. level ??
bloody a$$hole Leftists !! :mad:
and inspite of all this the people of WB will again vote them to power the next elections and the cycle shall continue.

and I dont think the rivals would fund the agitation per-se cos then even the TATA's now can fund agitations against them and eventually they'll be cutting each other out !! SO no it wouldn't make much of a business sense.


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I think as of now there are only two large industries in West Bengal (ITC & HM). And I guess we can't expect any more any time soon...
They (WB) deserved it. If you have politicians trying to gain political milage out of some development related activities, and if you have politicians who try to forcefully grab land from common men and sell it to some company at below market price, how do you expect the situation in the state to be secure ?

Most of this SEZ related activity is total BS. These sh!theads need to use their BRAINS before going for some rapid action development related activity. Development of one group should not hamper that of another group.
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