1. BakBob

    Need unlimited broadband in Santa Cruz

    As the title suggests. Can anyone suggest a good ISP with unlimited use in Santa Cruz West Mumbai? Thanks for suggestion!
  2. I

    Trustworthy place to get iPhone repaired in west Delhi

    Hi all, I was just handed down two partly broken iphone 4 . One's screen is cracked but usable and the other one's speakers aren't working. I know there are plenty of mobile phone repair shops but I am hesitant on taking it to just about anyone. Can you please recommend a trustworthy repair...
  3. A

    GTA 5 Backup "West Delhi"

    I am looking for any one who lives in west delhi or nearby and is willing to share his GTA5 steam backup with me i will be very thankful as my net speed is only 60 kbps :-( Thanks in advance also u could add me on steam if u want my steam is acepro71
  4. N

    Need broadband in Dahisar West urgently

    Hey everyone, I recently shifted to Dahisar West, and my existing Hathway connection isn't feasible in this area so I'm having to look for other options. I've tried calling up a few, but none seems to offer over here. I need a wired broadband, unlimited 1mbps under 1k, no FUP. Any...
  5. Mainak23

    [Want to Buy] Intel core i7 2600k

    As the tittle suggest i am looking for a Intel core i7 2600k with warranty.... Any interested user willing to sell PM me your offer with details & with other stuffs... Location:- Malda, West Bengal Pin- 732101 Budget depends on the product.. Payment:- NEFT, Bank Deposit
  6. J

    Internet connection with HUB feature in Goregaon -west

    is anybody know any ISP in Goregaon west who provide HUB feature like 5 networks provide?
  7. N

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?
  8. D

    DSL Router to Fibre Optic Duplex System?

    Hi all, I'd like to get your advice on a little situation our church has. To give you a rundown of the situation, we're located in a mall, in 3 very distant locations. Our church service is held at the 5th floor and we have 2 offices at the 4th floor. Think east and west and the church...
  9. Extreme Gamer

    Paschimbanga? Oh what a state we live in

    As you all must be knowing (especially the West Bengal residents), the name of the state of West Bengal is being changed to Paschimbanga(pronunciation: Posh-chim-bong-o). I want all my fellow TDF members to show their solidarity in their opposition to this change. It took West Bengal MLAs...
  10. Nipun

    Train accident in West Bengal.

    Bengal train accident: Guwahati-Bangalore Express derails near Kaliachak in Malda Some of you may know this, as this is in the news from some hours. For others who dont: Read full report here on TOI: Train accident in West Bengal, 2 killed & 30 injured - The Times of India
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Good engineering colleges in West Bengal

    Hello, Today I need help and suggestions of a different kind. I don't know if this is the right section to ask, though. My cousin, who is currently studying Science in class XII at Calcutta Boy's School in Kolkata, will appear for the West Bengal JEE and the IIT JEE next year. He is a good...
  12. B


    need AGP Card. Help me out. i am living in Surat, Gujarat. i am going to Mumbai(Borivalli West). anybody know where can i get it from there?
  13. slashragnarok

    Form 50 procurement Procedure For Importing/Shipping items into West Bengal

    Form 50 is a way bill for importing items into West Bengal. Recently I bought NZXT Tempest Evo cabinet from Itwares, Mumbai and I was required to send them this way bill as the courier company they ship through do not ship large packages to West Bengal without this. Firstly I required the...
  14. N

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    -4khHSqUbAI Too bad it ain't ol' west, amigos. Music's goddarn kick-arse!
  15. montsa007

    Or Trade Motorola Backflip

    1. Model number and details: Motorola Backflip 2. Date of purchase:purchased a month back, invoice available 3. Reason for sale:bored of it 4. Warranty details:11 months left (Can issue a bill of fresh date as the shopkeeper knows me very well) 5. Expected Price:15000 incl courier 6. Location of...
  16. desiibond

    Yee haa. OZ out of T20 World cup.

    Loses both their group matches to West Indies and Sri Lanka and goes crashing out of the tournament.
  17. Disc_Junkie

    23 dead, 1 lakh affected as Cyclone Aila hits Bengal

    KOLKATA/BHUBANESHWAR: At least 23 people were killed and more than a lakh were hit as a cyclone spawned by a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal pounded large parts of West Bengal and coastal Orissa leaving a trail of devastation and crippling normal life in the two states. However, the...
  18. abhijit_reddevil

    7 millionaires, four convicts among West Bengal candidates

    There are seven millionaires as also 24 candidates with criminal records, four of them convicted, in West Bengal's first phase of the Lok Sabha polls to be held April 30.:shock::-x What more development can we expect in WB? :-x...
  19. P

    Has anyone in West Bengal ever ordered Dell Laptop online?

    I customized a cool Dell Studio 15 on their site. The sales representative told me that the whole process of delivery in West Bengal is different. You need to submit the sales tax first at the sales tax office and take a WayBill from there. I guess then I have to send the waybill to them. I...
  20. R

    Grammy Nominees.vote for ur fav

    "Lil Wayne topped the nominations with eight, Coldplay garnered seven, and Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West each earned six nods. Alison Krauss, John Mayer, Robert Plant, Radiohead and Jazmine Sullivan received five each, and Adele, Danger Mouse, Eagles, Lupe Fiasco, George Strait, and T.I. each...
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