System Hang on Booting!Please help

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Hello guys

I bought a new rig after 1 week of detailed research on Internet and your magazine.Here is the config:

INTEL C2D E7300 2.66 GHz
Palit Radeon HD 4870 SONIC 1GB Dual Edition (with dual bios)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 HDD 320 GB
Corsair 2X2 GB 800MHz RAM
Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600W PSU with 70% efficiency
Cooler Master CM 690 Cabinet
Dell E1909 W 19" LCD
Liebert Emerson 600VA UPS

I installed XP SP2 and Vista with SP1.From the very first day,whenever I switch on my PC,the motherboard logo flashes on screen and then a strange beep of about 3 seconds comes from the cabinet and immediately after that the system hangs completely.I reinserted the RAM several times thoroughly but the problem persists.I removed my graphics card but still faced same problem.Changed the SMPS with same results.The strange thing is when I restart my PC,it still gives me that strange sound but it boots properly and I can login into both XP and Vista and even can play Crysis at very high resolution for 10 hours at a stretch without any problems.

I would like to mention here that my huge graphics card has physically covered almost all the six SATA ports on my motherboard and the HDD SATA port was connected with very much difficulty.I even had to keep the entire cabinet in a lying down position as in the upright position my graphics card was literally throwing its whole weight on the HDD SATA port below
Is my graphics card clashing with my motherboard somehow?Or is my Power Supply itself is faulty.I read some negative reviews about this particular SMPS.Has it corrupted my motherboard?
Please help me as I'm going nearly crazy and lost all my sleep and peace of mind.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Cm 600/650w are 70% efficiency on 25 degrees celcius with passive pfc non solid japanese caps and outdated fans. Using extreme 600w is a suicide with this card in the long run. Make efforts to buy a power supply like corsair hx620/corsair tx650 atleast. Power supplies dont corrupt motherboard- but are prone to damage components like ram and hard drives. Would you drive a racing car on an impure fuel? You rather walk then damaging the precious engine. Hopefully the psu didnt damage the system allready. Prevention is better then cure- take it as a lesson learnt the hard way.
Other then that- update the bios.


Is there any possible way That PSU is the reason for system hangs up on the booting ????:confused::confused:

I am using phenom 9550 OCed 2.53Ghz + 2 X Palit HD 4850 on crossfire + Biostar tAg790 + 2 X 250GB HDD , 1 X 320GB HDD + 4GB RAM + 2 X LG DVD RW + [on the cabinet]-3 Blue LED fans , 1 X 120mm fan , 1 ordinary fan

actually i am running 2 HD 4850 cards now :rolleyes:

these all peripherals are running in ONE PSU = COOLER MASTER 600 WATTS EXT POWER

i never even get single problem , only one thing is SOUND from PSU === :idea:

Corsair is good & stable ,, But i think there will not any probs with PSU !!! try to check other things

CAN u tell me where & @ which point the system hangs ????:idea:


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If its not the PSU then i would suspect your cmos battery...try buying a new battery and replacing it.
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