1. patkim

    Spectranet ISP - Seeking clarity about their setup

    Hi.. At present I am using Youbroadband internet connection in Pune. They offered shared modem such that the cable modem is in some common area in the building and only the LAN cable enters my house. I find it better as I don’t have to maintain and operate the modem inside my house. I am likely...
  2. D

    Cheap a$$ cables

    I am tired of replacing cheap quality cables getting down even those with warranty. There are so many useless cables lying around my house. Its 2016 aren't manufacturers supposed to provide quality cables instead of useless features and high resolution.
  3. Akshay

    TP Link C9 issues with Netgear DGND3700

    I am using Netgear DGND3700 router for my internet connection (WAN port). Since it is not sufficient to cover the entire house I got TP-Link C9 Archer and configured it by manually assigning it IP address of; disabling DHCP and connecting CAT6 from Netgear to 8 port gigabit switch...
  4. Zangetsu

    The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally

    The White House had speakerphones from 1985, desktop computers from the 90s, and old black and white printers that printed on only one side of a page. The White House staff used old BlackBerrys Source : The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally – Tech
  5. S

    Earphones needed ( v shaped sound ) for edm

    hello friends as the title says i want earpgones for my iphone 6 .... i mostly listens to edm music ( armin , oliver helden , tiesto , deep house , progressive house etc etc ) so i need earphones with good bass and treble....My budget is around 2500 strict...thnx
  6. R

    Budget Wireless Repeater

    Hi Guys, Although I did find couple of similar posts here but those are kind of outdated I live in a 3 BHK flat and the current router (WR841N TP Link) is situated in my room. The signal doesn't work great when im in other rooms. FOr instance, sometimes in the other room at same spot, I'd get...
  7. M

    New router needed for a good home range

    I was using a Linksys 54G wifi router which ran without any issue for about 8 years. Now I need a new one that meets my requirements as follows: - Coverage for a 3 bhk house about 1800 sq feet (so will have walls in between) - There are up to 2 computers, 2 tabs and 2 phones connected...
  8. S

    Need headphones upto 3k strict urgently

    hey guys i need to buy headphones for my pc ....i have a budget of 3k max ....Mostly listen to edm , deep house , future house , dubstep tracks of people like Tchami , Oliver helden , tiesto , david guetta etc etc .....Bass is main priority along with good sound clarity .....thnx
  9. Skyh3ck

    Wifi Range Extendeer or alternative to use in Two house in same locality !!!

    Hello Guys Currently i am using TP Link TL-WR841IN 300 Mbps modemat my home. I have two house in same location just within 30 feet away. The Router is installed in one house and i want to use the wifi in my other house also. I am getting signal in my second house upto till some few feet, but...
  10. Anorion

    MP Giriraj Singh embarrassed by thief who robbed his house

    so this is the sequence of events. 1. thief robs Giriraj Singh's house. runs away with a suitcase full of cash and jewels. 2. Giriraj Singh gives police complaint and says Rs 50000 are missing. 3. Police catch the thief. With the suitcase. The suitcase has Rs 1.14 Crore. 4. Total declared...
  11. K

    Requirement for a solid Wireless network around my Big house!

    Questionnaire : 1.ISP :Local Fiber Optic Network(Nettech) 2.Plan : 2 Mbps till 20 GB;512 Kbps post FUP 3.Connection Type: Wan port cable internet! 4.Area of house: 4000 sq.ft * 3 storeys At least need coverage on top 2 floor! Ground floor is unused! 5.Budget :₹5k + 1k...
  12. rider

    House Party Speakers under 6-7k

    Hello I want to buy a pair of speakers set for the house party. My budget is 6-7k maximum.
  13. sam9s

    Home Theater Recliner

    HI All, I bought 2 recliner about a year back when I was planning to start my HT in my own constructed house, but I could not go for a constructed house, instead purchased a flat, with roof rights to built my HT. This left me with much smaller room than I had planned, so I cannot fit two...
  14. izzikio_rage

    Replacing BSNL modem - D-link DSL-2750U or TP-LINK TD -W8968

    My BSNL modem is now behaving like a dead donkey on the last legs of its life. I've been searching for a couple modems and finally narrowed down on the D-link DSL-2750U and TP-LINK TD -W8968. Help me select one of these or is there some better option at 2300 bucks or so? - I'm using this in...
  15. A

    New wireless router

    I need to buy a new wireless router with a budget of around 7k. I looked around on flipkart and DLink is offering a 802.11ac draft 2 router for just 4k. Albeit it has only one internal antenna. Lynksys was on the other end of the price chart with exobitatntly high prices. Is there any...
  16. C

    Suggestions about house Wiring & switches......

    1. Which electrical wire, switches brand is the best for house wiring? 2. How many Amps & gauge wire should i use for Light tube, Fans & heavy equipment ie. window AC & Induction CookTops? 3. Is MCB or something like that necessary in house if so which brand should i prefer? 4. Any other tips...
  17. R

    Want Total Connectivity In Home.Help??

    I want to improve signal transmission and reception in my home.Please suggest some good affordable method like upgrading antennas or repositioning routers to increase wireless range in my house.My router is TP-Link 1043ND With three 3 dbi antennas.There are around 9-10 clients although only 5...
  18. R

    Narendra Modi invited to speak at British Parliament.

    Source : Modi gets invitation to visit UK, to address House of Commons - Hindustan Times
  19. A

    ADSL + Router for MTNL connection

    Hi, I am looking to buy a wifi router with modem for my new connection which is by MTNL. I am confused which to buy can you help me decide? My house is about 1400 to 1500 sq feet. Price is not a concern but would prefer to keep it under 10k. I was looking for (1) Belkin N600DB wifi +...
  20. N

    Setting up WiFi for a huge home. (10,000 sqft)

    Hello guys, I got a new request, my friend needs to setup a wireless network for his house. Problem is it is HUGE. And he expects to get a fair signal in all rooms / halls / places. (Now if you are wondering this is another imaginary fake request its not) Budget is not a problem. All...
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