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Hi People,
i am about to buy a MP3 player for my sister. I don't need anything fancy. FM Radio should be there. Budget 3 to 4K. Please be kind enough to suggest me a model. I am from Mumbai.


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go for philips gogear sa3125 or you could even buy samsung k3 by extending your budget to 5k


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Between Creative and Cowon which will be better?

Ok I was going through Croma's website : both Creative Zen Stone PLUS 2 GB and Creative MuVo T-200 2GB are priced at 2,990. Any Suggestions in chossing between these two?
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Transcend & Philips! Ewwwww.....

Get yourself that Cowon! Nothing beats Cowon SQ, with the exception of possibly Sony.


^^And they have great functionality as well.



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Creative Zen Stone Plus is what you should be looking at. I don't think you can get a Cowon player in your budget and even if you do it'll be of very small capacity like 512mb or something. Better get the Stone Plus instead.


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dude. Forget about all these. Increase budget to 5.3k and get Creative Zen 4Gb player.

Yes. Creative zen 4gig model is available for 5.3k and 8gig for 8k.

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