Suggest me an an appopriate psu(wattage) for my conf?


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Amd x4 phenom 965 be 3.4 ghz,
Asus mb.
Msi hd 6670 1 gb ddr5 gpu
250 hdd
4 gb ram
18.5 viewsonic led

So what the psu watts that i shud buy if i am
2)not overclocking.


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Your system will draw about 400W under peak load, if you overclock the processor to 4Ghz at 1.5V vCore.

With that being said, I suggest you Corsair CX430 V2 or even better, Seasonic S1II 520W.


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FSP Saga II 500W at the lowend or Seasonic S12-II 430W at the upper end. you can go for better models but these 2 should be fine if you don't have plan to plug in a highend GPU later.


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Trust me, your O/C'ed system will never eat more than 400W.

CX430 is an under-rated unit to maintain efficiency. It can actually deliver well over 500W of current without failing.


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I think it's good to stick with rated specs of a PSU - sometime review units are specially made ;-)
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