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suggest me a webcam under 1.2k


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I want to purchase a webcam .I can spend 1.2k max.
I have an intex nightvision 400k (given by a friend to me for few days) and the video quality is very bad.The image capture quality is good.I want to record video of mine and also want to chat online through cam.I don't want a HD cam as the net speed of mine is 512 kbps(download speed 64 kbps) :( .
Please suggest me a good quality cam with which i can record vids with a "decent quality and fps"((priority)) and can also chat without any trouble.



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Logitech HD C310 - cost close to 1.5k but worth it.

Your suggestion is good bro but i can't increase my budget,any other alternative under my budget??
The internet connection speed of my broadband plan is also very poor.

Please suggest me as soon as possible.
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