Suggest free Keylogger Plz.

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very very STUPID
hello guys. I want a free key logger. There are free trial versions of many key logger for download. but I don't want them. i want an entirely free key logger. Can you plz give me the name and the download link.


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Dude, ur request is as simple as it goes:
enter "free keylogger" as ur querry:
google flashes a host of ur "free keyloggers":
and then u download::
man, why dont u search in google first, rather than wasting ur time waiting for sumone to supply u free keylogger link...which u cud have urself found out long ago...

time is HELL precious: Dont lose it: Imagine how much $ Bill Gates would have lost if he had waited like u for sumone to provide u a link for a free keylogger????!!!!


very very STUPID
Hi panacea_amc.
First of all I thank you for your precious advice on TIME.
First I tried on google , as you said.
but what i got was only free downloads of many trial versions of keylogger
so only i asked for the help.
anyway, once again thank you for taking care on me.
bye bye


keylogger| +"key logger" -trial -shareware +freeware
n joi

If u can't afford LAMBORGINI(windows) u can very well afoord MARUTI(linux)

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