1. TechnoBOY

    Need a keylogger

    im looking for a free key logger which have a good amount of features
  2. ithehappy

    Back to back BSOD!

    I was playing BF4 and had BSOD in less than three hours! This is in a long while I have had this many number of BSOD. What could be the reason? Is there any kind of logger which can record what's going on actually?
  3. kerthivasan

    Suggest free Keylogger Plz.

    hello guys. I want a free key logger. There are free trial versions of many key logger for download. but I don't want them. i want an entirely free key logger. Can you plz give me the name and the download link.
  4. jamesbond007

    Few Queries

    I need the following : 1) A key logger that doesn't get caught by Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition. Just a basic key logger will do the job, I only need to log the key strokes 2) An app that can take snapshots for the desktop at a given duration like say every 1 min. It should take...
  5. go4saket

    Problem with Truecrypt?

    Hi Guys! I have some very very confidential date in my computer which I keep in encrypted format using Truecrypt. For testing purpose, I installed a key logger in my computer and then mounted my encrypted date using Truecrypt. After that I checked my key logger software and to my horror, I...
  6. gsoul2soul

    I need a Key-logger. Please help.

    Hopefully that question grabbed your attention... :D well actually now you're here... can you give me some Good one's... that actually works You see nothing BAD or Naughty Intended... but i need to have a good reliable... WORKING Key Logger (it might be useful someday) I had one called...
  7. hailgautam

    some questions about u torrent

    I have some doubts about torrents. what does in seeding x(XX) and peer x(XX) mean - where x is a number? what does the tracker status "scrape ok" mean? what does Debug status "0|0|4" mean? what is "DHT" mean how does that help? what does "unable to map UPnP" in logger mean, and how does...
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