Suggest a FPS for multiplayer fun.


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What will happen after the free week?

let me tell you, if there's ONE game which is worth 7$(while on sale), 10$(mostly again sale time) or 699 bucks(totally worth it IMO, full orange box), IT IS TEAM FORTRESS 2.

You will NEVER get bored. It's a recommended game every gamer should play at least once during their gaming lifetime!


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get Urban Terror and Open Arena - tons of maps and mods are available and best part is they are free ;-)


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Caught in two minds.

Orange box or BF:BC 2.

orange box.


HUGE HUGE SELECTION of AMAZING MODS for HL2, and the episodes, and Portal

Team Fortress 2 is the top of the pyramid, no where can you ever have MORE fun than this game. It's THAT good trust me.

Flying through the air and rocketing your enemies has never been this fun. (rocket launcher FTW!)

Being that irritating scout double jumping and blasting your enemies using your shotgun from point blank range into oblivion? PRICELESS.

Being the drunk demoman and KRITZ killing (EXPLODING!) 5 people in one go? "things you want to do before you die" material


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well, if this somehow leads to an Indian server where people play, then I'm happy.


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Oh man...I am so happy....Going to download it straightaway. I thought it was free for a week but just saw on Steam that its free forever...:):)
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