1. Nipun

    Best Dongle with WiFi for usage in rural areas

    Hello again. I need to buy a 3G dongle and a modem(?) to transmit it as WiFi. Saw a similar ad of Tata Docomo. What other carriers offer it? It is to be used with Ubislate tablet. Would dongle with separate SIM be better? It needs to be: -Reliable. -Easiest to use (To be used by...
  2. cacklebolt

    Sudden thought

    My dad is a CDMA user and currently uses a Galaxy Pop Cdma, which is 13 months old. We know that there is a shortage of good cdma phones in india whereas in the US, all flagships have cdma versions for cdma carriers like Verizon and Sprint. So if i bought suppose a Galaxy Nexus CDMA from...
  3. smashingdude

    Nexus 7 3G will work here?

    So guys, I am getting myself a Nexus 7 3g (32GB) from Germany. I wanted to ask if there would be any issue with indian carriers. Simply put, will 3G work with indian carriers like vodafone, Airtel, etc. Thanks in advanced. Good Day
  4. S

    Unlocked cellphones bought from America not working with IDEA INDIA

    I bought an Unlocked Nokia 5300 Xpress Music from America. It is not detecting the carriers like idea, bsnl etc in India. But it works well with other carriers like airtel, docomo etc. What should I do to get it working with "idea" carrier. ? The phone is already unlocked. The same issue is with...
  5. topgear

    iPhone OS 3.0 Coming June 17 for Free

    It's coming next week! We first learned about the new iPhone OS 3.0 on St. Patrick’s Day, and it showed that Apple was intent on keeping both the original iPhone and iPhone 3G relevant with new features such as landscape keyboard, MMS, Spotlight universal search, among others. Much of...
  6. roxysmile

    mobile without IMIE .

    i have a samsung j210 . but about 20days ago its IMIE got corrupted(while entering a unlock code) , hence its IMIE is all "0" now. and due to the new regulations of mobile carriers about IMIE , my mobile is blocked by airtel. please someone guide/answer how to solve this problem.
  7. iMav

    The FCC's New Phone Pretexting Regulations

    The Federal Communications Commission hopes to keep consumers safe with new regulations aimed at phone companies The Federal Communications Commission recently strengthened privacy rules to protect users by forcing phone carriers to make customer data more secure. The new regulations follow...
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