1. V

    Amplifier for Set Top Box

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV but it doesn't have a headphone jack. So to use a headphone, I have to directly connect it to the Set Top Box via an RCA Male to Aux Female cable. I can hear properly but the volume isn't too loud, despite setting the volume of the STB to the highest. The...
  2. S

    Sound system under Rs 10000.

    Please help me to buy a speaker system for my living room to listen music(mainly old melodies, gazals and semi classical) only. I have a 4.1 HT but it's sound or bass is not clear or perfect.So, I want clear sound and perfect bass even in very low volume. I am confused between floor standing...
  3. mikael_schiffer

    IEMs around 1-2k ..with Playback Controls needed

    I used a Mi Piston earbuds which could control the stock Android music player(forward backward) apart from volume controls.(On my LG G2) I dont remember the exact make and cost of that IEM . I bought it long time back. Can anyone point me to that earphone, or give me an alternative IEM which...
  4. anirbandd

    Swans d1010mkii bookshelf speakers - reviewed

    Introduction This time when Sagar from Pro Audio Home / Pristine Note contacted me and said that had another product for review, I guessed it was maybe another IEM that they had come up with. Having experienced the overall good quality of their previous line-up of the O16 and C12, I was...
  5. izzikio_rage

    Headphones for Galaxy S3: Mic + control: great sound

    Hey everyone I went through the tons of threads under this one for good headphones for an Android phone. Looking for a good set for my galaxy S3. here are the main considerations, i've been using the samsung HS130 till now 1. Need the volume and call answer switch on the headphone plus mic...
  6. sam_738844

    TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally

    TSMC has finally begun 20nm volume production. Maxwell big boys are coming, along with volcanic islands :D:twisted: TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally - Next Gen GPUs At This Node Are Now A Possibility
  7. S

    help regarding truecrypt volume

    hai friends, deleted the truecrypt volume accidentally . Can anybody tell me about recovering the volume without going to the professionals. thanks.
  8. sameerdatta

    [Want to Buy] Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume Control

    I need a Creative Inspire M4500 4.1 Volume control.
  9. gohan89

    Need 2.1 Speaker set under 1.6k with wired controller having headphone jack!!!

    I have a Logitech X-210 since 2008 and I have been a huge fan of it.It is very convenient since it has a wired volume controller with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the controller. Now it is facing popping sounds and I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers,taking the...
  10. ShankJ

    Unallocated Space!!

    I recently restored my laptop and kinda botched up the process.. Now i have a 570 GB C drive.. Whenever i shrink the C drive, the unallocated space created gives an error on trying to make it into a new system volume.. i need to convert the unallocated space into new volume coz i just cant work...
  11. madzeus

    internet data sharing (fixed)

    Hi all, I intend to buy a BSNL broadband plan with 40gb plan 2mbps speed, and share between me and my room mate.The issue is that he is a little sceptic about data shaing.He wants to somehow know the volume f data shared, except networking monitoring software what else can be done? thanks...
  12. ithehappy

    Please suggest a cheap phone

    I need a backup phone, aside my S4. I currently use a Samsung E1252, a dual SIM phone, which is okay but I am finding that it's having an alarm problem, it doesn't go off everyday, so it's not reliable! So I am looking for an alternative, single SIM will be good, don't really need dual SIM. And...
  13. S

    edifier Speakers C2XD

    Hi friends, I brought a edifier C2XD speaker from naaptol. The problem is the sound output for the first 25 level nill. Full volume is 50 and It's not loud. Please help me wat I have to do
  14. M

    Good Speakers Under 3000 INR

    I had a creative Inspire 2.1.Recently it started making a buzzing noise even when all cables expect power cord were removed.Warranty was over since it was 3+ years.I just pulled it out ,found a capacitor may be the issue then replaced it.During reassembly i made a mistake of breaking a screening...
  15. S

    creating new volume problem

    In my external harddisk there are continious 59 gb space is free space .In windows 7 32 bit os when i am going to create new volume for this it shows the error " There is not enough space in the disk to complete this operation". Please Help me to solve this issue.
  16. K

    Good speaker suggestion for TV

    Objective is for better voice clarity and volume levels for TV. And may listen to some music (Movie and Indian classical) . Will be connecting to Samsung LCD TV. In the beginning I was considering a budget of 2-3K with 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. I am deaf in one ear so expensive speakers and...
  17. D

    need new in earphone

    guys wanna buy IEM with volume control coz d mp3 player m using z quite loud even at minimum volume.. Max i can spend 400rs... Plsss suggest sumthin ....
  18. S

    WP8 clarifications, clear your doubts here

    since others threads about wp are quite old..i thought of starting a new one..this thread will focus mainly on criticism of wp8..so potential buyers get to see all problems here and decide i am recently smitten by lumia 720..i dont want to play games..wp8 feels rich though..but suffers from...
  19. V

    cordless headphone for TV

    which is a good cordless headphone for TV at Rupess 5K level for use in India intellegibility of dialogues in TV films and serials in English is essential. if possible connections to two equipment (TV and music system) may be preferable.normally 2. if I connect conventional corded...
  20. Y

    creative 4.1 speaker problem

    hey guys..so I have creative m4500 4.1 speakers.my problem is that two out four speakers are not working properly. one of the two is not working at all..no sound from it and other works only at high volume and that too only treble,no bass. is volume control faulty or my speakers have gone bad...
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