Steps to Connect a Slave HDD. A few queries.

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Yoda, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. Yoda

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    Jul 28, 2004
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    I've connected Slave HDD to my Master a few times.

    But last time when I connected my Slave HDD to my Master the Windows XP Prof.

    OS stopped in the "Progess Bar" itself and after that there were no progess.

    I've to copy the stuff only thru Safe Mode but the display was very bad in
    the safe mode. I've strain my eyes and do that. There were lots of thick
    white vertical lines.

    And after lots of Testing I came to know that the MotherBoard is the problem and I've replace it.

    My doubt is "connecting Slave HDD has caused the malfunction of my MB". Is there any chance of happening like that. Or is it my misconception.

    Master is Samsung and Slave is Maxtor.

    so, it's better for me to clarify certain doubts.

    a.) Before connecting the Slave should I check the BIOS settings every time ("Primary Slave" should Auto Detect the Slave). But the settings in my BIOS is always "Auto Detect" for Primary Slave. I never change it.

    b.) Before connecting the Slave I completely remove the "Jumper" or "Pin"
    so that the HDD is completely Slave. Is that correct ?

    c.) I connect the IDE Cables and Power cables by seeing how the Master HDD is connected.

    d.) I always switch Off completely before connecting my Slave HDD. Thats the right way I think.

    I think these are the steps I should follow before connecting the Slave HDD.

    Apart from these is there any other rules that I should Follow or any issues that I will encounter while connecting the Slave.

  2. theraven

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    May 5, 2004
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    off to "never ever" land
    a) doesnt matter what u do
    tho i always goto bios and check if its detected so before it goes to the boot screen i can shutdown and install the drive properly if its not
    b) no thats not true
    this depends from drive to drive
    adn each drive has a sticker on it which shows the jumper settings for master/slave and cable select
    c) just make sure the "MIDDLE" connector on ur ide cable is connected to the slave
    d) is ok

    above all this... connectin an extra drive will not harm ur pc in any way
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