1. B

    Wireless Extender Setup Help !!!!

    Please help me I am stuck .... I have a TP-LINK WR840 as my primary router also I have a Intex N150 router in spare. I was thinking of of using the wireless extender capability of Intex N150 and use to to extend the wifi range in my house. I have done the following as of now but am not able to...
  2. Cyberghost

    Ubuntu not loading after installing?

    Hii I have now encountered a problem, I install ubuntu along side with windows 8. After installing I restart the computer then I'm getting only windows 8. I can't see the OS selection menu. I have two HDD. I install windows on master drive and ubuntu on slave drive and I assign the boot loader...
  3. K

    new hardrive

    hi guys i have a gigabyte motherboard with only one ide port which is connected to HDD and ODD.Now I want to buy a new hardrive of sata interface.My board has 4 sata ports.can i use the old ide hard drive with the new one and how can i make the master slave arrangement. Now the hard drive is...
  4. jack_the_ripper

    How to partition and format new HDD.!

    hi guys, i just bought a new WD 320GB hdd. i've installed it as a slave HDD. I want to know how to format and partition it into 4 equal partitions.! thanks.!
  5. R

    Attaching IDE harddisk

    HI! I was wondering how to attach IDE harddisk as slave, sata harddisk is the primary disk.
  6. smile

    Help me....Hard disk problem

    My friend pc is not booting , i checked it a msg is displaying on bootup IDE 0 slave S.M.A.R.T has been disabled...but the problem is i get windows xp screen and again it restarts . I checked my hardisk its detected in BIOS , i changed the SATA cable , even connected as master and check but its...
  7. W

    Grub confusion !

    I have two hard disks. My $dows hard disk is Primary and Linux is secondary drive.Due to fear of overwriting the MBR of my $indows disk(primary) , I removed this primary Windows Disk physically and installed PCLinuxOS and later Ubuntu Gutsy on my slave Disk. Now Ubuntu's grub runs when I run...
  8. B

    Can't change into DMA Mode

    I have a LG DVD-RW DL writer and i am not able to change it into DMA mode with Nero DMA Manager. It takes about 51mins to write one full dvd. in the primary channels, i have changed all into DMA, if avalable but in one, it says PIO Mode even i changed it into DMA, if avalable. What should i do...
  9. D

    how to Recover data from a crushed HDD

    how to Recover data from a crashed HDD my 40GB westren digital hard disk to recover data from it. i am unable to format it or boot through it. slight sound is coming from it...i tried to detect it by connecting it as slave in my friend system but it dint detect...plz help thanku...
  10. V

    another hard disk

    hello my sytem has a primary mas dvd burner and seagate 80 gb as prmary slave and secondary master as cd burner and secondry slave as dvd drive and now i want to add one more hard disk drive plz help
  11. thewisecrab

    DVD Drive Issue

    Hi guys I have 2 is samsung CD-RW/DVD combo(sec.master) one samsung DVD drive(sec.slave) now on windows XP,it detects master but not slave?!?!?! the device is detected in bios though so what is wrong:confused: thanx in advance
  12. K

    Hard Disk problem

    My folks had a HP from the turn of the century that was dieing and they wanted me to gut... well, I wanted to gut it so I got them a new machine and have been trying to salvage what I can from their old beast. Now they tell me they need stuff that was stored on their old HD(documents and...
  13. gauravakaasid

    HDD space lost...

    i hav got a 160gb hdd, wen i used it wit my p-iii system, i cud use only abt 127gb. now have an updated AMD system, nd now using dat drive as slave. but how do i get bak dat space, w/o losing data already on dat disk???? a freeware option will be better
  14. gsoul2soul

    Master and Slave in harmony.... HOW ?

    Help me !!! I have a perfect machine... with 80 GB HD (at 7200 rpm... UDMA5) it's quite good. ********************************************************** Now... recently i got another hard disk, which is old (that's why i got it...for free), it's atleast 5 or 6 years old... Quantum...
  15. mediator

    Primary Slave failed ???

    Hi Ma primary master is western digital hdd => 160 gb !! I have 2 more hdds samsung and seagate both 80 gbs. Now whenever i insert any of them to primary slave...the screens comes up with "primary slave failed". Both act normal when i insert them as primary master. Any combination of 2 outta...
  16. C

    linux installation problem

    My system is of compaq make, p4, 1.5 ghz, 128mb, 20GB. In that 20GB, D drive(10GB) contains winXP backup( i was not given XP cd, only recovery cd was given), in the C drive(10GB) i have active winXP. Recently i added 40GB samung drive as a slave to the original master(XP). when i tried to...
  17. A


    Please help me installing two HDD's. I have a new Samsung 40GB HDD installed on my system. It requires only one jumper to be set to work as a master. I also have a old Seagte 20GB HDD which I wanted to add to my system as a primary slave. So I did the connections with one jumper on the...
  18. J


    My system configuration intel P4 2.4(prescot) intel D845GVSR SAMSUNG 80 GB HD SONY combodrive microsoft keyboard & mouse Samsung SyncMaster 591s 15" monitor sony floppy drive D-Link modem i have 2 problem 1. If i connect my harddisk or combodrive as primary/Secondary slave...
  19. N

    Urgent: HDD master slave errors on 98

    One day I took my 80GB HDD to a friend who has a 40GB HDD. Both are of Seagatte but mine is UATA drive. My Friend's PC: P4, 128MB DDR 226 RAM, 52X CD ROM and Windows 98. When we made my drive as slave it did not detect at first but was able to do so after some time. But suddenly the...
  20. H

    [size=18]Connecting CD-Writer - Expert Opinion Required[/siz

    I have purchased a CD-Writer and i already have a CD-ROM drive in my PC. Which is the best option to connect the CD-Writer - in Primary IDE or Secondary IDE ? Is there will be any performance gain by connecting CD-ROM Drive and CD-Writer on the Same IDE connector as Master and slave ? or is it...
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