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@Random if you can send this to sony developers please :p
List of confirmed bugs & improvements in Xperia L 4.2.2 update :

- Transfer data to sd card in settings>storage fcs settings.
- Some album arts in walkman are blurred.
- Youtube videos qualtiy in HQ is a bit pixelated and not as clear as before the update.
- Apps that are in sd card, their icon will be removed from the home screen after reboot if you are using Xperia Home.
- Multitouch issue which people were facing before is still there.
- Games which are installed by default in internal memory do not start untill we move them to phone memory. (Later can be moved back to internal memory.)
- Screen in portrait mode cuts in left side, video in the link explains.
Some other bugs reported by other users and some which I'm having.
- Xperia Home scrolling isn't smooth with many widgets.
- Lag in Nova Launcher with the widgets and icon pack which ran smoothly before the update (Me)

Mention any other if I've missed and let others see this post before they update.

Somethings which got better :
- Gaming performance is definitely better according to what users reported.
- Xperia home "app drawer" is quite smooth in scrolling now.
- The lag which settings had when we had multiple accounts added is gone now.

These bugs are irrespective of factory reset after update as both users who did reset after update and didn't reported them. I myself have tested them before and after reset.

Many people have reverted back to 4.1.2


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Sony needs to hire better developers, how did that firmware go through testing? I also have an issue with image processing on the new Xperias. Samsung uses the same sensor and the results are a lot better. I mean, what the hell? Same thing with the display in Xperia Z. Yes, you can fix these things in updates or later batches but the damage is done.

Also, I can conform the displays on most Xperia Z's are pretty good unless you are unlucky. Sony is respected company and they should keep in mind that they have quite a reputation. Mess that up, and that perception will bleed over to their other products. I have to say that I'm a Sony fanboy but they seriously need to get their s**t together.
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@hey randomuser any good news about Sony Z1S seems I will have to wait for it as a Sony SP replacement


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but I could not find any other handset except SP in that range...and that too will get its last android update as 4.4

soo thought y not get a new handset with 4.4 and maybe it can be upgradable to android 5 :D


Well, it seems that 4.4 for ZR and SP is "under investigation". Lets see what comes out of this 'investigation'.
What I really don't understand is, is ZR so different from Z and ZL?


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I bought ZR thinking that it will be upgraded the same as Z as apparently the specs are same. Now I do not know. And unfortunately there does not seem to be much developer support for it.


aree bhai ham gareebo ka bhi koi socho :D :D

isiliye to micromax aur karbonn company banaye hai !! :p :D

Z1s will still be a bit premium as it still retains the 20MP camera of Z1 & also its almost identical to Z1 in every department except display & battery.


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I am still confused to get N4 or SP Love for sony is pulling me towards SP (Had 5 SE phones previously) and futureproof hardware is saying N4 :hyper::pullhair: just 3 days left to decide ....Helpppp

BTW how bad is the SP screen ...its fine about viewing angle...but how is the contrast from front.

or should I drop both and get xperia C ...I loved the looks of C ..its slim and sexy


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Get Xperia SP if you want Xperia privileges such as Bravia Engine,Sony UI,Glove mode etc.
Get The Nexus 4 if you want pure android experience(Whatever that is) and oh updates.
You can also try to get the ZR to keep it under water xD
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