1. Rockstar11

    Display Problems with my PS2 !!

    Just i bought a second hand modded PS2 console from OLX But i am having display problems while playing games on my TV display is showing blueish, violet colour for games. My TV is 25" videocon bazooka and in A/V mode it has two options for video (AUTO and NTSC 358). I tried both of...
  2. M

    Some opinions!!

    I folks you guys are really great help. I am travelling to India next month and had a question in mind. A local store here in Canada has a sale on Tv's and giving out LG55LM6400 for 800$ which is equivalent to around 45000 INR. Is it a good investment rather than buying a TV from India even...
  3. S

    Will PAL PS3 work on NTSC SDTV ?

    My CRT TV supports only NTSC .I was planning on buying PS3 console here in India.But in many of the sites like flipkart etc i found only PAL PS3 console.Does it matter because i heard PS3 games are region free. If i need to buy only NTSC console for my SDTV, then where can i get a NTSC PS3 in...
  4. R

    Best place or site to buy XBOX 360 (NTSC) games

    Hello friends, I am gifted with an XBOX 360 from US. I need to buy DVD in NTSC format.Where can I buy it in Mumbai . Is there any site which can deliver it to India? Regards
  5. T

    xbox 360 for sale

    a friend of mine wants to sell xbox 360 2006 model, no hdmi but its premium version u will get xbox 360 console usa version ntsc...... 1 wireless controller 20gb hdd power adapter indian vga component cable ixtreme 1.61 flashed to play backups, if u buy games from local shops u will get ntsc...
  6. N

    Will indian ps2 work in phillipnes

    Hey i've got an Indian ps2, bought it 2 years ago. I'm planning to go to manila, phillipenes for a month, Phillipnes uses NTSC. i wanted to know whether my ps2 would work in manila?? plx explain this NTSC and PAL stuff to me because im quiet a roookie in thus stuff. ne help will be appreciated...
  7. A

    Original XBOX 360 Games and Accessories for SALE!!

    I have the following games for sale... Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox - New and Sealed) - NTSC - RS. 800 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs 1100 Gears of War - NTSC J (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs. 800 Crackdown - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) -...
  8. m-jeri

    Need Help with Buying new XBOX 360

    Hey guys, I am goin to buy a X360 most probably this sat ie on 16... I am buyin a pro version. Can u give me any hints on what should i look out for... i am not sayin the fre stuffs or anything but the tech stuff like wat all precautions and how should i use it??? how to connect it to...
  9. B

    FS: XBOX 360 Premuim System

    Putting my less than a year old XBOX 360 up for sale. Its an NTSC version, non-modded. It still has about 4 months warranty left on it. The MS warranty against the dreaded RING OF DEATH is 3 yearsIn case of any warranty ssues, i can provide you with assistance. Whats included in the...
  10. bikdel

    PAL-B to NTSC? know about a converter anyone?

    hey.. i think someone in the forum was talking about a PAL B to NTSC converter.... actually i have two things, a small 15" LCD TV and a TV Tuner card both having only NTSC inputs... Tehe LCD TV is being used as a monitor right now.. such a waste when it already has a tuner... also my card in...
  11. L

    PS2 PAL games that also work for NTSC

    Hi was woundering how many PAL games work for the NTSC version consoles as well. no Mods... So far I have noticed Test drive unlimited and Heatseeker, give an option at the begining to switch the mode for PAL to NTSC. does anyone know of any other games.... Also I have a PSP qustion and put...
  12. S

    Camcorder info

    Hi, I am in the USA and am going to buy a camcorder. The camcorder is a hard disk based DCR-SR200. http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=11039255 However it conforms to the NTSC system in use in the USA (not the PAL...
  13. S

    PAL to NTSC

    Hello ppl, I ve got a Hauppauge TV card which unfortunately has an NTSC tuner. Hence Im gettting b/w picture and hush noise in audio. Are there PAL to NTSC convertors available or is there ne other solution to this??? It has composite, line in and RF inputs... Thanks in advance Cheers
  14. ymhatre


    Im posting this for third time please help me.... i have P5RD1-VM board with me it has TV out port please see this HEre theres an tv out option as marked by an arrow... NOw where will i get such kind of cable to connect it to TV... Even bios has some option like Tv out PAl / NTSC...
  15. I

    ps2 modchip

    hi i got a PAL Version 7 PS2 (SCPH-39004)...and i have a MAGIC 3 modchip which is not installed yet. My friend jus gave me an NTSC game 2 play so i thot ill get the modchip installed, but the shopkeepr dude (Playstaion Point, Ghittorney, Delhi) told me that once the chip is installed, ill...
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