1. D

    Software like Zoho Invoice

    Hey Guys, My father runs a manufacturing business and he needs a software to maintain his quotation, orders and invoice and keep track of them.. I would be nice if we could use it over cloud so that we can access it on mobiles too.. I tried ZoHo Invoice and it is great except for the...
  2. T

    Login to zoho with your gmail or yahoo id

    Online office suite provider zoho now allows you to access their service with you existing gmail or yahoo account without creating a separate zoho account. You just have to sign with your gmail/yahoo account and enter your desired username to use the service. So now with gmail account , you can...
  3. CadCrazy

    Full Function 'Zoho Writer' Released

    One more application with online-offline functionality! Zoho, the online office software company, has released its fully functional offline word processor named "Zoho Writer". "Zoho Writer" enables users to save- and work on- a document in offline mode. Once completely edited, users can then...
  4. FatBeing

    [Preview + Feedback] June 2007 Anniversary Special

    Start saving up! Magazine Contents The Sixth Sense Communication That most fundamental human need...Will we get true broadband? Will we go 3/4/5/whatever G? What about understanding each other? The Web What shape will the Web take next? We mull about better searches, more...
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