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Software for MOTOROKR!!

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hey every1!!
i recently bought a motorokr ....
but i hv a prob....
as u aw noe its a linux based phone,,
so can u ppl plz tell me frm where can i dwnld software for my fone?
am specifically lukin for a musiq player wid an equalizer!!
plz help!!

King Arthur

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A similar thread is present ---http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65742

What abt realplayer , it has equalizer. Also try ZMplayer . Google for it . It is more of a linux app so u wud need other software . Refer above for links or send a PM .


King Arthur said:
What abt realplayer , it has equalizer.
I've read a lot of times that E6 RealPlayer does not have equaliser. Are you sure about this since you own one.

King Arthur

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@ krazyfrog ::Yup , e6 has real with equalizer . Although veryyyyy old China Mobile f/w didn't have equalizers . Besides u can always flash to the latest f/w

@maverick : Real gets too slow if u have many songs>500. So i use ZMplayer , it can play almost any format and is much louder than real .

if u need any help with installing any stuff just pm .

BTW : hOWZ UR battery life . Mine doesn't last for more than 1.5-2 days with heavy usage.
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