1. sona

    Motorokr E6

    For sale, 1 Motorokr E6 Smartphone with Charger(No Box,No Bill) Expected Price - Rs 3000 Date of Purchase -23/09/2009 Warranty left - None Product Condition: Good condition Product Location - Mumbai. Payment method - cash. reason for sale-Planned to buy Android Smartphone Price...
  2. Dr.tweaker

    please do take a look,can i use Motorokr E8/em30 headphones in sigmatel Fxd s80 cell?

    hello everyone ,i recently bought a chinese mobile,,sigmatel fxd s 80,,,though the sound output through the speakers is a blaster,,but i find the headphone volume too low,,and its a mono one,,,.i know that i will be bashed for buying a chinese one,but i only bought it as i stay in a mess and at...
  3. desiibond

    My hunt for new multimedia device

    Hey, What I have right now: 1) Motorokr E6 (with 1Gb MicroSD) 2) ipod nano 1st gen (1Gb) My motorokr really sucks when it comes to music playback and it doesn't have 3rd party apps. my iPod nano is ready to die. Play >>| (select next) and |<< (select previous) buttons on the click...
  4. K

    Any exp with moto E8

    Hi Friends pls share ur own experience/views/reviews abt Motorokr E8 Thank you
  5. roni roxy

    ok i got this right finally!!

    i have finalised my decision. any one of the following two : 1.. sonyericsson P1i 2.. motorokr e6 my buget is negotiable....features r more imprtnt...looks are priority.
  6. roni roxy

    motorokr e7 ?????????????????

  7. roni roxy



    W580, N91 or motorokr E6?

    plz help me make a gud choice between W580, N91 and the Motorokr E6... Any other cellphones in this range?
  9. motobuntu

    wanted usblan drivers for motorokr e6.

    I'm trying to telnet to my motorokr e6, But XP is asking for usblan drivers, any one having the link from where I can download the usblan drivers, please share!
  10. *GandaBerunda*

    motorokr e6 prob?

    i went to check out k790i and the salesman there had motorokr e6, he showed me the phone and i was so damn impressed, i dont want k790i anymore;):) im thinking of buying e6, but i have a few the phone durable? i mean, its a touch screen, so does it spoil if u drop it? and also does...
  11. S

    The motorala headset for laptop?

    Can I use the motorola bluetooth headset that comes for motorokr for my laptop? basically for music and skype?
  12. I

    help to buy music phone/ipod

    i am looking for a mobile phone with music, at least 2 gb memory. i have looked at n73 me and motorokr e6 premium. though I think n73 will be better, but people say that n series phones hang a lot. is this true? will it be worth buying n73? as of motorokr, its battery life is less than nokia...
  13. S

    Free Software, themes for Motorokr E6

    Hello Everyone!!! Guys few days ago i purchased a Motorokr E6. This is really a great phone. Guys I need ur favour. Can u pls tell me where i can get Free Software, player, themes etc. for my rokr E6. Pls provide me links for these. Thanks
  14. confused!!

    NOP settings for motorokr e6

    I want to use NOP(Net on phone) on my motorola motorokr e6.I have activated it but automatic settings are not supported on my phone. So i need manual settings.but those airtel guys are not even able to provide manual settings.So if anybody can provide me the manual settings,it will be great help...
  15. azzu

    Motorola MOTOROKR E6

    Motorola MOTOROKR E6 The MOTOROKR's primary feature is supposed to be the MP3 player. At least that's what the advertisement on TV will have you believe. However Motorola has equipped this phone with a lot more than just a simple mp3 player. It uses the same Linux interface as the...
  16. evil_maverick

    Software for MOTOROKR!!

    hey every1!! i recently bought a motorokr .... but i hv a prob.... as u aw noe its a linux based phone,, so can u ppl plz tell me frm where can i dwnld software for my fone? am specifically lukin for a musiq player wid an equalizer!! plz help!!
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