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  1. S

    Small red lined patches on the sides of the LED TV

    What's the reason for red lined patches the ones marked in the attached image? Top portion left side also it is there
  2. S

    Choosing between HD Ready & Full HD LED TV

    I currently have Sony 29 Inch Flat CRT TV & will be upgrading to a LED TV anytime as the TV has some signs of damage. I haven't subscribed to HD Channels. Should I buy a Full HD or HD Ready LED TV? Will SD Channels appear more pixelated on Full HD? What screen size is recommended to avoid...
  3. Saajan

    Panasonic LED TV Display problem

    Hello everyone. I have a Panasonic LED TV (Model : TH-40ES500D). I bought it last year. My concern is regarding the picture quality in this TV, esp. with blue/magenta/red colors. I previously had a LG 32-inch TV with same Digital TV connection but everything looked fine in that, be it SD...
  4. P

    Need a non-smart tv of 40+ inch budget ~30k

    1. Budget? ~30k 2. Display type and size? full hd/4k,va panel preferred(for better contrast),40inch plus size needed 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV 4. Ports Required? 2 usb and 2 hdmi will be good otherwise no problem 5. Preferred choice of brand? anyone but should be reliable 6. Any...
  5. F

    42+ inch led TV advice

    Hello friends Pls help me buy 42+ inch led TV.. 1. Budget= 50k 2. Display type and size= led 42+ 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor=tv 4. Ports Required=min 2 HDMI and 2 usb. Ethernet preferred(not compulsory) 5. Preferred choice of brand=LG 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration=LG LF436300 7...
  6. A

    LG NB2540 120 Watts 2.1 Soundbar Review/Feedback

    Please provide your valuable feedback/Review on LG NB2540 120 Watts 2.1 Soundbar. I want to buy this for my LG LED TV. If you feel something better is available there in the range of 10k, then please do advice. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Want to buy a LED TV. Please suggest.

    Want to buy a LED TV. Please suggest from the selected brands - Sony, Samsung, Panasonic & Toshiba. Budget around - Rs 30K to 40K Want: - best audio/video - can have smart Tv features - browse few apps - Wi-Fi or dongle connectivity - desktop connectivity for better browsing &...
  8. R

    Suggest the best VFM 32 inch Full HD TV for 32k Budget this festive season !!

    Hello Everyone, I plan to buy a 32 inch LED TV within a month in this festive season. Budget is 32k. (max). A value for money option preferred. Requirements are : 32 inch LED - FULL HD display Brands like LG, Sony, Samsung preferred but you can list other VFM options as well as...
  9. A

    Which LED TV provides efficient Gaming support?

    I have read that plasma televisions are ideal for games rather than LED TV. But I do not vote for plasma technology although it has its pros but I also cannot ignore the in-demand full HD ready LED TV with smart features. Which LED is your favorite for gaming? Any advice.
  10. A

    Which one's more in demand LED or LCD TV?

    There's no doubt that both LED television & LCD televisions differ in few major aspects. The light-emitting diodes in LED give much better picture display than LCD which stands with a conventional LCD TV display. With LED the better contrast, lesser heat dissipation and thinner panel feature is...
  11. D

    Full HD LED TV between less than 32"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a FULL HD 1080p LED TV which I'll primarily use for 4 things: - Hook My Old PC (which means no HDMI.) - Hook Set Top Box (using AV cables) - Hook XBOX for heavy games (using HDMI.. Should have decent response time) - USB Play (Good to have but not mandatory)...
  12. izzikio_rage

    LED vs LCD vs Plasma - where and what to buy

    hey everyone, have been in the market for a 40 inch + TV for about a month. Major requirements are 1. 40 inch + 2. Plays a good range of formats from pendrive (mkv and stuff) 3. Don't need smart TV, 3D or internet connectivity and stuff (I have enough laptops and phones that can be connected...
  13. E

    DTH Connection for 32" HD LED

    I recently bought a new 32" Panasonic Full HD LED tv for parents. Now I need to get a new DTH connection for the TV and considering Videocon D2H based on reviews. But I am wondering whether to take SD connection or HD connection/ STB box. The thing is only parents are going to watch TV as I am...
  14. H

    Suggest 40Inch or more Full HD LED Smart Tv..

    Looking to buy a 40inch + smart Tv so need your help over here... -Good picture and sound (Ofc) -Should be able to play well known video formats from my pc(mostly mkv) -Little bit of Internet -Should have refresh rate of 100hz -Budget is max 60-65k and would prefer higher size if possible...
  15. J

    HElp Buying 32" LED TV under 32000 Rs

    Hi friends I am planning to buy a new LED tv for my family as Dhanteras Gift. Budget is 32000 MAximum 32" Full HD option to work as monitor for my desktop / LAptop USB Thanks in Advance
  16. R

    Need suggestions for LED tv

    I purchased a Samsung 40" LED tv last year. but it got defective so we returned it. Now we want to buy after some good research. Budget : 50-60k size : 40 inch brand : sony/LG/samsung/toshiba/panasonic features : full hd, usb with subtitles, wifi & skype if comes within budget. Please...
  17. N

    LED TV vs LED Monitor

    After lot of researching, I am still confused whether I should go for TV (already own one). Purpose: I want monitor or tv basically for work purpose that is email, browsing etc. But, I am thinking of TV is because within some time if my PC crashes again, I will go for Laptop or ultrabook...
  18. M

    LED TV 26" <30k

    Hi, Looking for LED TV at 26". Also planning to use it as a monitor. Doesn't matter whether it is edge lit or back lit as I do not really care about the thickness. If full HD is available at this price (<30k), it would be a bonus! And local dimming at this price, would it be too much of an...
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