Silly but need to know X16 vs X8 lanes

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Hi i wonder why most of the intel boards including z68 and p67 which can be overclockable only support dual x8 not dual x16.

Does this makes any difference or only when i use high end it will be a bottle neck.

Let me know the exact bandwith x16 and x8 support. Is there any cards exeeds these.



depends on the graphics card you intend on using..

also, i dont think it will ever make a difference in terms of playability, benchmarks might be a different story...


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In 1920X1080 resolution the performance between a X16-X16 and X8-X8 multi GPU setup, even with a GTX 480, is less than 2%. In 2560X1600 resolution there is around 3 to 5% difference, but there is no such difference in Gameplay experience.
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