should I sign 'Bond' ?

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Worked in Wipro, they did have a 1 year bond of 75k. You could leave without paying,in which case tyou weren't going to get any reliving letter ,and they also sent by post a legal warning (nothing to worry much about, they can legally pursue you to pay up but it'd cost them more than the bind amount to run a lgal case agaisnt a single person ). Also, people say you're termed as absconding from your current job which gets updated in NSR ( National Skill Registry ), your next employee might cross check your profile in NSR and might object if such comments are present, don't know how true that is.

Left company at the end of 8 months, had to pay 83k bond plus short notice period amount to get the relieving letter :D


I recently got placed in Hitachi consulting. I have to join in July. There is a 30 month service agreement but I donot know the details of the agreement. I tried asking in ppt but they didn't give any answer other than that I donot have to give some amount of money if I break the bond. I am not sure what the agreement actually contains. I have not signed it yet. Anyone from here knows about any such thing?. Agreement without any monetory penalty?


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check before signing any bond, especially if it has money involved in it,

if you have signed a bond, and you want leave of have found a good job somewhere else, you can abscond (not a good thing to do), please note here you are not resigning from job, you just not going office, the company will wait for you to show up, and then start sending letters for you to come, you still have not resigned, after three later company will terminate your contract, in which case you dont have to pay anything as its the company who terminated not you, this way one can leave the job and not pay anything, also you dont have to reveal to anyone,

bond is just to scare people, and if a company pays 20k per month as a salary, having a 100000 bond is insane,

i know people who have left job without notice, especially in BPO industry attrition is very high, people come join get salary and leave without any trace, they just abscond, some of them inform the company some dont, this is very common for people starting career as they are not sure about company they are joining and what they want to do in future,

at the end, no company pursue it to the court as it involved money and time, also if you pay the bond price and salary in lieu of notice period, company will give you releaving letter but with big note that says that you did not serve notice and company had to struggle with that, which also not worth if you have already paid

so there is NO NO paying anything to any company,

one more thing, if you have spend more than a year with a company and you want to show that experience in future, always serve notice and leave on good note,
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